‘Trumps son-in-law Kushner wanted to secret communications with Moscow

‘Trumps son-in-law Kushner wanted to secret communications with Moscow

The son-in-law of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, is under fire in the investigation of possible Russian interference in the elections. He wanted, in december, a secret channel of communication with the Russians to set up.

Reports that The Washington Post Saturday on the basis of government officials. According to the newspaper, the channel was designed to conversations from eavesdropping to protect. The channel would, however, never came.

Reuters news agency reports Saturday that Kushner, who is also a consultant for the White House, at least three times with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kisljak contact before, during and after the election campaign of his father-in-law. The contacts, including two phone calls, were not made public.

Friday it was announced that in the study of Russian interference in the presidential elections, the FBI, are arrows, focused on Kushner. According to the researchers, has Kushner information that is of interest for the research. The husband of Ivanka Trump, is not per se itself is suspicious, to say the officials.

Also the inlichtingencommissie of the Senate had to know Trumps son-in-law to want to interrogate.

Request documents

The committee for information of the Senate wants that the political organisation of Trump all documents relating to the election campaign of the previous year returned for study.

The research focuses on the possible Russian interference in the presidential elections. It applies to all documents, e-mails and phone numbers from the start of the campaign in June 2015. That writes The Washington Post on Saturday.

The commission has the campaign team last week and will be notified of the request. It is expected that in the coming days dozens of former campaigners called on their documents. Previously, the organisation was already asked for all the documents to keep.

It is the first time that the campaign of Trump is involved in the investigation of the possible Russian influence the presidential election. The organization of Trump has not yet responded to the request.

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