Trump’s primary challenger-welding calls for President to resign

connectthe Video-‘Enough’: President Trump tells Congress to end the investigations and get back to work

Answering Reporter questions, as he departs the White house, President Trump says, the legislature should report on legislation that the current Congress-investigations and special counsel Robert Mueller, is completed.

President Trump, the sole Republican primary challenger is calling the commander-in-chief, to step down.

“If Donald Trump is an American patriot, he should step down from his office,” former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld wrote in an op-ed on Wednesday to appear in the bulwark, a conservative news and opinion website. Among the Website’s founder, is the conservative commentator Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the “will Never trump” movement.


Welding – a vocal Trump critic, which launched earlier this month to overturn a long-shot GOP primary challenge bid, a President is very popular in his own party – pointed to the results in Special Counsel Robert Müller Russia’s investigative report, claimed that Trump is a “one-man crime wave.”


“Time and again, Trump is trying to protect the power of the Oval Office to himself and his employees from the consequences of their actions. The only defense has a trump card, to obstruction of justice, is that he argued for the welding to be incompetent, it off to wear,”. “In the past two years, several Trump helpers derailed his criminal conspiracies of the President to distract, or to just ignore him. To stop Trump’s failure, Bob Mueller does not deny how hard he tried.”

Welding illuminated, that the Miller report “lifted the skirt up and left scurrying Trump’s henchmen in cover. Already five of the trump employees were convicted of serious crimes, including his former campaign manager, his long-time personal attorney, and his former national security advisor. And we still don’t know the extent of crime within the trump campaign, or the Trump White house, because he Mueller report includes 12 criminal recommendations have been revised, in order to protect ongoing cases.”

Welding and claimed that “the American public, our international allies, the very rule of law itself, serves all the better, with a President Mike Pence.”


The President on Wednesday reiterated that the probe found “no collusion, and they had no obstacle,” and added: “I thought after two years we were done with that, no, now the house is subpoenaing. You want to know any store that I have ever made.”

And he pushed you back against the attempts of the Democratic majority in the house of representatives, a subpoena current and former White house officials in their probe.

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