Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is looking to hire, 61 foreign workers

in the vicinity


President Trump runs for the White house from the Mar-a-Lago

The President boards Air Force One.

Despite his rhetoric that the immigration of American workers, President trump’s Mar hurts-to rent a-Lago Club, 61 foreign workers for the 2018 winter season, according to the Ministry of labour.

To rent Trump’s “Winter White House” has advertised, 21 chefs from other countries who work in the resort from October to may. Palm Beach, Fla., club 40 foreigners for wait-staff positions want to get involved.

The seasonal workers would be required to return to their native countries as soon as their H-2B-expire Visa.

Critics of the visa program argue that it is a tool that can be used by employers to exploit vulnerable foreign workers and suppress wages for American workers by providing a cheap labor source for the company. Supporters say the program is necessary for American companies afloat and the seasonal business allows for the operation of a larger capacity.

Trumpf 240 foreign workers at the Mar-a-Lago (picture) has been engaged, since he announced his candidacy for President in June 2015


The H-2B Visa, the employer is obliged not to prove that there are sufficient U.S. workers “able, willing, qualified and available” to do the work. By law, each open position must be advertised in the community.

In may, the Department of Homeland Security, said it would be an additional 15,000 H-2B Visa in the year 2018. Congress set a cap of 66,000 new H-2B Visa for a year.


This year, the wage for a cook, which begins at the Mar-a-Lago at $13.31 per hour – three cents compared to the previous year. But the basic salary for servers rose to $12.68 per hour this year, from $11.88 per hour the year before.

Other trump in connection with the company have also gone outside of the U.S. pad of his seasonal workers. Trump’s golf club in Westchester County, NY, asked to hire 14 foreign employees for the cook and server spots. The Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Va., search for the 23 H-2B Visa.

Trumpf 240 foreign workers has engaged in the Mar-a-Lago, as he announced his candidacy for the presidency in June 2015, according to BuzzFeed, which reported for the first time, the news.

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