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Report: Mueller to accept written answers from Trump

On ‘The story’ sen. Lindsey Graham’s report, Kavanaugh methods and McCain ‘ s successor responded to Müller.

Attorneys for President, Trump said that Special Counsel Robert Müller, you can arrange your written answers to his questions in the long-term Russia-a probe, provided it is limited to the Problem of collusion allegations.

Lawyers sent, a response Wednesday letter to Mueller’s team, the President informed the attorneys were open to the limit of questions to Russia and possible collusion with the trump campaign. Müller also said he would be willing to accept the answers in written form, if he had questions, for the possibility of a follow-up, in-person interview.

The President’s lawyers have made it clear they will not allow questions of the President’s powers under article II of the Constitution, which includes the hiring and dismissal of officials of the Federal government. In other words, you are not going to let all the questions go to the issue of obstruction of justice.

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Further, the lawyers for not to commit now to an in-person interview with Trump, apart from some significant concession from Müller.

The question of whether Trump will submit, an interview has been a long-running debate in the president ‘ s legal team.

Müller has not so far asked questions about the disability, but a line in his message to trump’s lawyers, he may want to ask questions about disability at some point in the future.

Seen on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Tuesday, Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow discussed not on the disability aspect of the probe, but in the first place, the Russia investigation, which is not to say, “I am concerned about the questions on Russia.”

President Trump lawyer @JaySekulow to reports, Mueller did not accept written answers from @POTUS: “I am concerned about the President of the United States reacts, if we decide to accept the proposal of the replies to written questions.” #Hannity

— Fox News (@FoxNews) 5. September 2018

“The President is committed to. There is no crime here, no underlying crime was involved the President. I’m not worried about where the goes. You see, when you ask questions, and we think they are reasonable, we would be said to respond,” Sekulow.

He pointed out that Trump has been handed over to the legal team 1.4 million pages of documents to the special counsel ‘ s office.

“The White house the most transparent in history when it is explained to investigations or inquiries such as,” Sekulow. “This must come to an end.”

He said he has no specific deadlines or dates, if he thinks that the investigation should end, but “it needs to be sooner rather than later.”

“Because at the end of the day, as I said, it is a process of negotiations,” Sekulow said.

Fox News’ Amy Held contributed to this report.

John Roberts is currently the chief White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). He joined the network as a senior national correspondent in January 2011, based in the Atlanta office.

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