Trump’s campaign, RNC fire was room in front of the Democratic debates

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The President goals of the Democrat frontrunner and, personally, during a campaign event in Pennsylvania; Peter Doocy has got the details.

MIAMI-The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee ramp-up to a more “aggressive” rapid response effort, both nationally and locally for the Democratic debates, with a war room is locked and loaded with live-tweeter, real-time fact-checkers, and new hashtags in an effort to maintain momentum, for Trumpf 2020.

As the first group of Democratic candidates take the debate stage Wednesday night, RNC and Trump campaign officials huddled in their operation center from a hotel in downtown Miami.


Trump victory regional Director Rick Gorka told Fox News that RNC officials, including Chairman Ronna McDaniel; Trump’s campaign as the Director for Strategic communications Marc Lotter, and press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany; and Surrogate you are ready for a strong counter-response to all of the 20 Democratic candidates ‘ messaging on the debate stage Wednesday night and Thursday night.


The rapid response team consists of RNC, trump campaign, and Trump of victory officials, who planned to live-tweet the debates, supplemented by social media-graphics, fact-checking in real-time and E-Mail blasts. The answers, according to Gorka, in German, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

“We are with the ‘leadership’ hashtag for the program, which is part of the trump-victory leadership initiative, and the “Trump 2020′ hashtag that we usually fill up for big events,” Gorka told Fox News, noting that the hashtags were used last week, as the President of Trump formally, 2020 his re-election campaign.

“When you see #LeadRight trending, you feel powerful. You feel part of a movement to create the we try,” said Gorka.

The E-Mails will be sent by the national RNC communications team. Wednesday is the first offers an insight into their sound, ran the headline: “Democrat debate: Night(mare)–the, today’s debate Is A Who’s Who of The Radical-Progressive Offers A smorgasbord Of Socialist policy, Irresponsible Give-A-Ways And half-baked ideas.”

Before the debates this week, the RNC and the Trump of victory, the events in more than 20 States in the effort are, “to push and to locate, which would mean the policy of the Democratic field.”

In Miami on Wednesday, RNC Chairman McDaniel to host an event in Versailles, a famous Cuban restaurant and a frequent campaign stop for candidates for the through trip from Miami, known for its cuisine and “a side of politics .” McDaniel ‘ s holding, such as others around the country this week, the “left-leaning stitch of the democratic party in the direction of socialism, focused on the highlighting.”

RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel of Versailles, in Miami, in front of the 26. June Primaries Debate. (FNC/Brooke Singman)

“There is no community understands this better than the Cuban community in Miami, many of them fled from the Castro regime, said because, you know, what is the meaning of socialism,” McDaniel. “It is not a buzz-word for you, it is a little frightening, and when you hear that a government takeover of health care, education, or redistribution embraced the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Democrats, there is no community that articulate more tips successfully, and what that means…as the Cuban community here.”


The RNC is scheduled to host focused a similar event on the Thursday before the second debate on the Spanish unemployment and the “economic progress over the last three years.”

“We try to present to local events, what the President, the plate is,” Gorka told Fox News.

Democrats, for their part, are sure to be a trump card bag punching on two nights in Miami. In the run-up, some were candidates, proposed by its management in numerous reports of unhygienic conditions at migrant facilities along the border.

“What @realDonaldTrump the admin is doing, is deliberate cruelty – an attempt to destroy families and psychologically scar the children. Shame on @realDonaldTrump & shame on his @SenateGOP allies, who have done his will to this cruel policy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., tweeted.

But Gorka suggested that Democrats would go too far, said that his team is eager to see what the “next” litmus test” for Democratic candidates.


“What I am looking forward to tonight and tomorrow night is to see what is the craziest proposal that is thrown and impacts—and then the norm will be by the time we said, Detroit in the next month,” Gorka. To establish “the Democrats trip over themselves as progressive flag bearer for the new democratic party, so we’ll see who tries to take the mantle of the night tonight and tomorrow.”

Gorka said of the team, Trump focuses on the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, the current frontrunner in the crowded primaries the area, they said, would be “his own worst enemy”, like he’s trying to “of today’s Democratic party.”

“Every choice boils down to either stay the course or change, and if the Democrats put on a change election, Joe Biden, is a change agent,” said Gorka.

The trump campaign, and the RNC’s efforts to Trump announced that his second White house bid in Florida last week. The campaign-party-operation raised $24.8 million in less than 24 hours, a figure that blew past what the Democratic candidate has raised in the entire first quarter. According to an RNC spokesperson, the donations to the election campaign and a joint fundraising committees Trump victory and Trump MAGAC (Make America Great Again ” -Committee) came through the Trump again.

In the meantime, as his team, the counter-messaging start-attacks, in the the President, he hit the democratic showdown from his plane, on the way to Japan for a summit.

“[E]ach said, I will diligently tweeting, I’m actually on a plane, and it just seems very boring, but I’m going to see it, because I said to” Trump Fox Business ” Maria Bartiromo Wednesday. “This is a part of my life, you know, it’s a part of my life.”

He added: “I would like to see it? I want to see these people? This is a very unimpressive group of people.”

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