Trump’s administration moved to prohibit the sale of bump-stock, make the possession of illegal March

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The Trump administration, on Tuesday, the first steps to ban the sale of bump-shares took on semi-automatic weapons and has illegal from the end of March.

Bump-share, the fired the semi-automatic weapons fire to allow rapidly such as automatic firearms, have come under increasing scrutiny, after they were used, in October 2017, when a man came out of his Las Vegas hotel suite in a crowd of people at a country music concert down, killed 58 people and injured hundreds more in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“After the mass, the rotation received correspondence from members of the Congress of the United States, as well as non-governmental organizations, working in Las Vegas, ATF requires that ATF inspect his past, classifications, and determine whether or not the bump-bearing type devices on the market machine guns under the statutory definition,” the decree was signed by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Tuesday morning.

He continued: “The Department decided to move forward with the rulemaking process to clarify the meaning of these terms, as used in the NFA (National Firearms Act), the statutory definition of” mg.'”

The regulation will enter into force 90 days occur after it said officially published in the Federal Register, which is expected to happen on Friday, Justice Department official.

People who own a bump stock will be required to either surrender of the ATF, or destroy them by the end of March, the official said. The change was subjected to a legal review and the Department of justice and ATF are ready against any legal challenge can be brought, the official added.

In March, President Donald Trump turn legal weapons into illegal machine said that his government would ban the devices, which he said”.”


To define shortly after the President’s comments, the announced Ministry of justice that it had begun to change the process, federal firearms regulations bump guns share like machines. The Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives sought public comment on the proposal, drawing more than 35,000 comments.

The amended provisions reversed in 2010, ATF’s decision, found bump-stock guns, no machines, and could not be regulated, unless the Congress amended existing firearms law or pass a new one. In the time that the Las Vegas shooting, there was a growing push by some members of the Congress to prohibit, bump share, but no legislation has been passed. At least 10 States have tried to put their own restrictions on the devices.


The police said, the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre, Stephen Paddock, fired for more than 10 minutes with multiple weapons equipped, with the target areas and bump-share. Paddock-fatally shot himself after shooting and 23 assault-style weapons, of which 14 were equipped with rapid-fire bump stock-devices scattered about the room in the vicinity of his corpse on the floor of his 32nd-floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel.

The largest manufacturer of bump stock, slide fire solutions, announced in April that it was going to stop taking orders on and off your website. The remaining stock of devices is now sold by another company, RW army, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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