Trumpf presents national security strategy: “America will win’

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President Trump: America is in the game and wants to win

President Trump announces America’s new national security strategy.

President Trump on Monday unveiled a national security strategy anchored his “America First” approach in US policy, stressed the American strength and the economic security and putting rivals such as China and Russia to cancel.

“America is in the game and America will win,” Trump said, makes it clear that the United States stand up for themselves, even if that means acting unilaterally or alienating others, on issues such as trade, climate change and immigration.

In a 20-minute speech, Trump, the US-land said, “a very dangerous world” and one of its objectives is to ensure that the U.S. is “leading again on the world stage.”

“America is back, and America is back,” he said.

Trump, who released his 53-page national security strategy before his speech, he makes good on the election promises, he promised, would “the revival of the American economy, the rebuilding of our military, defending our borders, protecting our sovereignty and the promotion of our values.”

Trump’s national security strategy) is a document, mandated by Congress, is based on four principles: protecting the homeland by the restriction of immigration, pressure on trading partners, the build-up of military and otherwise, increasing U.S. influence in the world.

Trump also has the rise in North Korea’s nuclear aggression, and painted Russia as a U.S. rival, despite his own relationship with President Vladimir Putin, the two calls in the last week.

In the transition from the last administration, trump strategy refers to the “jihadi” terror threat. It also supports the designation of climate change as a major threat. The last such strategy document, prepared by President Barack Obama in the year 2015, declared climate change an “urgent and growing threat to our national security.”

The Trump plan removed that the determination to move to the administration of the threat from the Paris climate agreement. The strategy sets the goal of “energy-dominant nation,” and says that the United States “recognizes the importance of protecting the environment.”

Despite the risk of possible isolation, not presented by Trump ‘ strategy, its foundations are surprisingly.

The strategy stresses that the US is economic security, national security. And he emphasized that the USA are interested only in the relations with other countries, including alliances such as NATO, are fair and mutual.

The strategy also details the threats of “rogue States” such as North Korea. It says that China and Russia “challenge to American power, influence, and interests, trying to undermine the American security and well-being.”

Despite the international challenges, which the document cites emerging opportunities to promote American interests in the Middle East.

“Some of our partners work together to reject radical ideologies and important leaders are calling for a rejection of Islamist extremism and violence,” it says. “The promotion of political stability and sustainable prosperity would contribute to a deterioration in the conditions that the fuel sectarian complaints.”

The strategy document claims that “for generations, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians understood as the prime irritant prevention of peace and prosperity in the region. Today, the dangers of radical jihadist terrorist organizations and the threat posed by Iran, is the realization that Israel is not the cause of the problems in the region. States have increasingly common interests with Israel in the fight against common threats.”

Monday the “national strategy” is the first of a series of reports that the trump-the administration is expected to roll out in the next few months, the fight against terrorism, biodefense, nuclear posture, and missile defence.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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