Trump will win in a landslide victory’, if Dems run on the socialism, vegetarianism, and reparations: Mollie Hemingway

in the vicinity ofthe video paying for the past: 2020 Democrats signal support for slavery reparations

The recent policy positions of the Democrats seeking the White house, President Trump is a solid re-election victory in the year 2020, the Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway argued Friday.

Much has changed since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party, the standard-bearer. Neither the reparations for Afro-Americans supported the welcome but now several candidates of the proposal — including U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren, and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

During Friday’s “Special Report” All Star panel, Hemingway-as well as Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz and Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason weighed — and on the latest news from that by the 2020 aspirants and how their words and actions to your campaign prospects.


Hemingway began by the panel, if “socialism, vegetarianism, and reparations” are the campaign issues, the eventual democratic candidate, President Trump “wins in a landslide victory.”

“It does appeal to a certain constituency, but on a larger scale, I’m not sure how far it will go,” Hemingway said. “We need the details of what is the meaning of these reparations, so that people can determine whether or not you want to, as a taxpayer. … You need to know whether you are on Board with the reparations.”

To Surpass Kurtz in the comparison of Harris’s position on reparations border wall-is something that excites the base, but never actually happened. He added that the compensation “could turn off white moderate voters,” in search of an alternative to the current President.


In addition, “the GOP-a very fat target, and it could be open to act on a larger track, more of a center-left candidates like Amy Klobuchar, and, if he ever stopped his ‘Hamlet’ and gets on the stage, Joe Biden,” Kurtz told the panel.

Meanwhile, Mason, the said President Trump may be signaled by opposition to socialism, as the Central theme in 2020, in a speech on Venezuela. Mason, the speech called for a “clear indication” to the policy, such as sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt .

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