Trump will buy a lot more Facebook ads than Democratic rivals

The American president Donald Trump gives yet significantly more money on Facebook ads for his herverkiezingscampagne than the Democratic competitors to their own campaigns.

Research from The New York Times shows that Trump this year so far n $ 5 million (4.5 million euro) has been spent on marketing and advertising on Facebook. The Democratic candidate who, as yet, has had the most spent on Facebook ads is Elizabeth Warren ($1.5 million).

Joe Biden, the former U.s. vice-president in 2020 on the presidential election and want to participate, has since the announcement of his participation was a month ago, over 1 million dollars spent on Facebook ads. That’s more than Trump in the last month has spent.

Until the end of march gave Trump more money on Facebook ads than all the Democratic candidates together. In the meantime, the 23 candidates this year for about 9.6 million u.s. dollars on Facebook advertising, purchased, compared to the 4.9 million dollar Trump.

Trump focuses on older women

An analysis from research firm Bully Pulpit points out that Trump with particular advertisements to older Americans. This pertains specifically to women of 55 years and older.

At the end of march and beginning of april, most of the complaints of Trump on Facebook about immigration, writes The New York Times.

Facebook was in 2016 an important medium in the election campaign of Trump. Brad Parscale led the digital campaign at the time, and said with Facebook advertising, “people who with tv spots were never reached” to be able to appeal.

Data collected by Cambridge Analytica

In march 2018, it showed that the databedrijf Cambridge Analytica user data of millions of Facebook users had collected. The data would be used for political advertisements, among other things, the election campaign of Trump in 2016.

The company would have the data used for highly targeted, political advertisements on people to demonstrate. An anonymous member of Trumps election campaign later claimed indeed with Cambridge Analytica to have worked, but that private sources were used for information gathering.

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