Trump welcomes President of Kenya in the White house

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President Donald Trump on Monday, the President of Kenya in the White house, welcomed the two leaders spoke, trade, security, and trump services.

Trump President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted Kenyan records from a period of electoral unrest. He is the second African leader to meet with Trump in the White house, after a visit by Nigeria’s President at the beginning of this year.

Trump has been criticized for too little attention to the continent, and presented demands for an apology earlier this year after his private comments to “shit-hole” countries in Africa and other regions, which had expired, to journalists.

U.S. first lady Melania Trump, who helped to welcome Kenyatta and his wife in the White house, is planning a solo trip to Africa this fall.

Trump and Kenyatta, during remarks to reporters in the Oval Office and the Cabinet room, said they would bind on a number of topics, including cooperation in terrorism and build-up of trade and investment.

Later, trumpet, trumpeted a tentative trade deal with Mexico, he had announced, earlier in the day, as well as the recent stock-market gains.

“Well, you were here on a very special day,” Trump Kenyatta said, adding: “Everything I said is to happen, it will happen eventually, so they took to come to a good day. We are in a very good mood.”

Kenyatta said he hoped Trump would share the wealth with his country.

“We bring that joked about Kenya” Trump.

Trump has not responded to repeated questions about sen. John McCain, died on Saturday at 81 after a 13-month battle with a brain tumor. Trump tweeted condolences to McCain’s family, but has no relation to the Arizona senator, with whom he had a bitter feud.

Kenyatta was tried to the walls and its image after a crisis in Kenya, which the Supreme court overturned the August presidential election, citing irregularities, and the opposition boycotted the fresh voice.

Kenya is the third largest recipient of US security assistance in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Security Assistance Monitor. In both Kenya and the US troops have extremists in Somalia and the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has to carry across the border dozens of attacks within Kenya, calling it retaliation for the deployment of troops. Almost 100 Kenyan police officers have been killed since may of 2017 in attacks and ambushes.

The Kenyan leader will also meet with U.S. business leaders to promote investment in his country, while in Washington. He is the host of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, on Thursday.

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