Trump, Warren host massive rallies-but ‘someone’ can Warren get the masses, Trump insists

in the vicinityVideoCan Trump flip New Mexico from blue to red in 2020?

The Trump campaign, says the key to winning over the Hispanic voters in a state that has not been red since 2004.

President Trump and democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren dueling rallies on Monday to huge crowds, set-off, drew hosted a war of words between the two candidates, emphasized a candidate rising national enthusiasm heading into the year 2020.

Thousands of people Packed in to listen to under the marble arch of Manhattan, Washington Square Park, Warren, and your campaign, the number of participants is estimated to be 20,000-plus. The staff also said that more than 5,000 people heard the blows of their candidates in the last week in Austin, in spite of the thunderstorm earlier in the day.

But speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Trump, Warren New York audience said, “Everyone can do that.”

“Number 1, you don’t have 20,000 people,” the President said. “And No. 2, I think that someone would have a good audience.”


The participants in the Trump rally, has in the meantime. every seat in the 7,500-capacity Santa Ana Star Center in a suburb of Albuquerque, with throngs gathered in an overflow area outside People lined up to 13 hours in advance of the rally, and the traffic around the arena was growling, according to local reports.

Trump, Warren will win massive numbers of people in the dueling rallies

Thousands of people Packed in to listen to under the marble arch of Manhattan, Washington Square Park, Warren, while more than 15,000, allegedly, Trump saw in New Mexico.

Local officials estimated that up to 15,000 people came to the rally in the Democratic leaning state, the trump lost 8 points in the 2016 presidential elections.

The President is trying to turn New Mexico red as part of an aggressive new campaign strategy. Trump’s first visit to the Land of enchantment, as President, drew visitors from Colorado, California and parts of New Mexico, according to local media.

And Trump’s campaign officials said a campaign rally in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas, last February, was well attended by female and Hispanic voters, and travelers from New Mexico, further suggesting that New Mexico is in the game.

Trump is on the search to find the next Wisconsin or Michigan — States that Democrats usually win in the presidential elections but surprise, under certain conditions, such as in the year 2016. Also on the Trump team is on the shortlist: Nevada, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

The enthusiasm was clear, as the President touted, New Mexico economic successes, and demanded the resignation of senior management positions at The New York Times after the paper fell out of publication of a misleading accusation, the Supreme Court, judge Brett Kavanaugh. The participants sang enthusiastically, in the response, “Four more years!”

“This is New Mexico. A lot of people in New Mexico really like trump, because he is fighting for you,” a participant told local station KRQE-13.

For Warren, it pulls your own large audience, without the benefit term in office, took a special effort.

President Donald Trump is coming to speak at a campaign event at the Santa Ana Star Center, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in Rio Rancho, N. M. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The audience was the product of a carefully planned, to identify data-driven strategy, supporters, draw you to a rally, and, ultimately, convert them into voters, a plan that far beyond the production of a convincing scene for the television.

In a time where campaigns are increasingly trying technology to the tactical edge, the attention to detail of Warren’s team was among their Democratic rivals.

Like the other candidates, their campaign to past donors and other potential supporters who live in the vicinity, invited can be written by E-Mail, mass text alerts, and “peer-to-peer” text messages to employees prior to the event.

But this is only the beginning. At the venue itself, the participants line up and need to check-in with their phones, even if they would cancel in advance. When you are finished, you will be sent a picture of the senator’s Golden Retriever, Bailey, the show, at the door will be issued, which will prove a red-dot sticker, they have adhered to.

Warren’s campaign spent months to test how best to collect information, trying out methods, such as different colors of paper signup sheet before you enjoy on the current system, because the participants get a dog picture you are probably used to.

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes the stage before addressing supporters at a rally, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Craig rattle)

“It is more efficient, but also a lot of fun,” said Tessa Simonds, the Warren campaign is the managing Director of grassroots mobilization.

Warren has mastered the art of drawing thousands to their rallies, but, even more important, this turn is also a proxy for their recent rise in the polls. And the crowds were building for weeks in places that have received relatively little attention from other candidates, including Seattle and Minneapolis.

In the year 2016, is poured, the enormous amount to see Bernie Sanders would build an early sign of the enthusiasm around his campaign and cause him to almost defeat Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination. This cycle, Sanders and other Democrats also have big rallies, but the Warren, to keep the seems is edge, the energy.

Trump is upset large numbers of people four years ago, pointed to his coming election day. Similarly, Barack Obama was still largely unknown nationally when he began his presidential candidacy in 2007 — however, its early strength demonstrated by drawing 20,000 for a Super Bowl Sunday rally in Delaware.

“If you cover a large audience and reporters, and they’re like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of energy in the room,’ … that you can absolutely get free earned media,” said Brendan Steinhauser, a Republican strategist and former top conservative grassroots organizer. “And if we learned something of 2016, earned media is really valuable and can — pardon the pun — the trump card of the paid media.”

Democratic presidential candidate US sen Elizabeth Warren addresses supporters at a rally in Washington Square Park, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Craig rattle)

At the same time, large numbers of people are not everything. Many Democrats bitterly remind droves to watch Clinton, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on the night before the trump card in the 2016 victory. The Democrat Walter Mondale attracted to massive in 1984 crowds in New York and Boston days before the 49 out of 50 States (including New York and Massachusetts), and President Ronald Reagan lose.

This is because the big rallies may be enthusiasm, but often are not good indicators of whether the support of a candidate grows beyond the established base. The people, the show, to tend to such events to select.


“It is the strengthening, the data and the presentation on TV-feed more people in the masses,” said Joe Trippi, the former campaign manager for Howard Dean, who is organising the early rallies big enough to you for a moment to a 2004 Democratic front-runner.

But as the vote began, it became clear that the former Vermont was Governor more effective in building-ballyhooed masses than winning votes.

“The question will be all the buzz on TV and online, and the resources that it gets you not also extend to support the base?” Trippi asked. “In the Dean campaign, it is not. In Obama, it has done.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump cheer as he arrives to speak at a campaign event at the Santa Ana Star Center, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in Rio Rancho, N. M. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Judge lot size is subjective, and can be so politically charged, to provide that the police refuse sometimes to official estimates.

Warren’s campaign says that his crowd-size estimates, in part, of employees and volunteers with a counting Clicker to measure the number of participants.

The Warren campaign is not targeting “of would like to discuss the” would-be Fans, yet you would touch it the analytical components, such as, how many people lists it on the nationwide donor, volunteer or supporter. Aides admit that they hope to generate someone to be invited to increase rallies turnout by friends, neighbours or relatives, which cannot be quantified, but, like many new participants, which tend to such scenarios.

Nevertheless, the audience is only the beginning.

Warren volunteers are trained, the “canvassers,” ask the participants to rank their three top Democratic presidential primary decisions. The campaign won’t say whether it treated people, the inclination to the other candidates, other than self-confessed Warren Fans.

Betting many will like what you see, Warren staff follow-up with rally visitors quickly, issuing a text or E-Mail requests for donations or future volunteer work — sometimes, during or immediately after the event.

In the States, where Warren’s campaign many employees, such as Iowa, great teams of the organizer to easily follow-up contact can make. In other places, including Austin, the employees, based on Warren’s Boston headquarters to travel to the area to convert in advance, in the hope of rally participants in future voluntary.

Warren is known to spend hours after each event “selfies” with the participants and their staff and volunteers you work these rows also have to recruit to try looking for future volunteers, or people who are willing to supporters, friends, and neighbors.


Trump is usually a tight time schedule at his rallies. The President remained in New Mexico on Monday night, the San Francisco Bay area flew out on Tuesday for a lunch fundraiser. He expected, at a fundraising dinner in the evening in Beverly Hills at the home of real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer.

He has scheduled two more fundraisers in Los Angeles and San Diego on Wednesday.

The fundraisers in the left strongholds of benefit Trump of victory, the joint Fund Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Fox News’ Alex Pappas and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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