Trump wants US always most has nuclear weapons

Trump wants US always most has nuclear weapons

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President Donald Trump wants, that the United States is a leader when it comes to the number of nuclear weapons. Because the country has fallen behind, should the nuclear arsenal be expanded.

“I would prefer to see that nobody has nuclear weapons, but we will never be behind and allow a another country, even a friendly country, more nuclear weapons than we have,” he said Thursday (local time) in an interview with Reuters news agency. “It would be a dream if no country has nuclear weapons, but if they are there yet, we need the most.”

Russia currently has 7000 nuclear warheads and the US have a 6800, so has the Ploughshares Fund, an anti-kernwapenstichting, tracked.


Trump said about the nuclear wapensverdrag with Russia, New START, that he is a one-sided deal. In the treaty it is laid down that, starting in February 2018, both countries have their nuclear weapons ten years at the same level and are therefore not allowed to extend.

New START was signed by former presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev in 2010. Trump gave to the treaty with Putin to discuss “if and when we meet”. There is still no meeting between the two presidents planned.

Two-state solution

The American president claimed in the interview that his preference is for a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “But people are discussing this solution for years and it has so far not worked. Eventually, I’m satisfied with any solution that both parties are happy,” says Trump.

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Trump gave in the interview that he is of the opinion that China is their national security challenge of nuclear weapons in North Korea could easily resolve. The president hopes that China is more concerned with the developments in North Korea.

On Europe, said Trump that he “fully supports” as a corporate body, and he repeated his opinion that the NATO-member states should spend on defense.

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