‘Trump wants troops in Syria also withdraw from Afghanistan’

After his decision to have all American troops out of Syria to withdraw, the Us president, Donald Trump instructed to also the number of troops in Afghanistan to drastically reduce.

In the coming weeks there will be five to seven thousand American soldiers returning from the Asian country, writes the Washington Post on the basis of sources from the government.

In total, the US currently about fourteen thousand troops in Afghanistan. According to the newspaper, it is the first phase of what should ultimately lead to an end to the seventeen-year-long American presence in Afghanistan.

“I think this shows how serious the president is about conflicts to come,” says a senior regeringsmedewerker in the newspaper. According to the anonymous employee has Trump “lost patience” and the orders verbally given already.

Unlike in Syria the Us troops in Afghanistan as part of a NATO mission. The withdrawal will therefore be expected to have major consequences for America’s allies. Critics are afraid that the united states is too early to withdraw, which, for example, the Taliban again foot on the ground could get.


Retired general Mattis critical to withdraw American troops

Withdrawal from Syria a lot of resistance

The intention of Trump to the American forces to withdraw from Syria led previously to a lot of resistance, and even the departure of Jim Mattis as secretary of Defense. Mattis was a keen advocate of a longer Us presence in Syria and Afghanistan. Trump himself got a lot of criticism on his remark that it IS defeated.

The government of Trump, the withdrawal from Afghanistan has not yet been officially confirmed. The Pentagon, the American ministry of Defence, warned earlier for instability in the Middle East if the US would leave.

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