Trump wants to control US admin domains’t let go

Trump wants to control US admin domains’t let go

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The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does not want the United States to their control over the internetdomeinbeheerder ICANN to hand.

On October 1, handing the country the control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to the international community, after the US since its inception in 1998, the control over the body.

ICANN responsible for domain system; the internet and it started a few years ago, for example, with the roll-out of new ‘top level domains’ like .blog and .shop. That should be an alternative to the increasingly crowded .com-domain.

According to a statement from the campaign of Trump gives the U.s. control over ICANN to ensure that other countries no censorship may apply. “Internet freedom is now running a risk by the intention of the president to the control to hand over to international interests, including countries such as China and Russia, with a long history of setting up internet censorship,” says the policy director of Trump.

The presidential candidate seems to be the role of ICANN is therefore wrong to understand. The organisation should take particular care that there is a consensus arises about the technical standards behind the internet. Despite the American control over ICANN can countries like China already have many years of extensive internet censorship to apply.


In an opinion piece for The Washington Post to emphasize web-inventor Tim Berners-Lee and Daniel Weitzner, director of a internetdenktank at the technical university MIT, that the internet from the beginning, understand a international project. International cooperation within ICANN, there can be, according to them, to ensure that the internet all over the world will continue to work properly.

With his statement follows Trump the example of Republican senator Ted Cruz, who recently called for the retention of control over ICANN.

The changes made by ICANN in the internet community is not without controversy. Critics find that the organization is not transparent enough and too much power is trying to pull. Internetorganisaties are, however, largely positive about the transition to international control.

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