Trump wants the Republicans and the publication of its own accounts, impeachment probe

nearvideo President Trump says, the media would otherwise be in the public service through the release of whistleblower identity

Trump addresses reporters after his return to the White house.

President Trump on Sunday urged the Republicans inaugurated in the last week House Intelligence Committee, the hearings, to come forward with their own transcripts from the closed sessions, the Democrats argue, has reinforced its claim on impeachment.

Trump seemed to suggest that he has information that one of the last witnesses, Lt. Col. Alexander he received his is a “Never-Trumper.” He was asked about all the evidence that he said about he received his, and he, “We are going to show you really soon.”


The President is under impeachment investigation about the alleged source of tax million in defense funding from the Ukraine to investigate Kiev, the three-part ” business relations in the country.

“If Shifty Adam Schiff, a corrupt politician, the fraudulent intent of what I said on the “call” is free to the transcripts of the Never Trumpers & other must give, & questioned, he will change the words that were spoken according to the Dems purposes: should the Republicans their own transcripts of the interviews, to contrast with the ship rigged propaganda,” he tweeted.

Trump’s tweet was referring to the 25. July phone conversation with Ukraine’s President, Vladimir Zelensky, the whistleblower described as “frightening.” Trump also ship attacked via its inaccurate, exaggerated version of a transcript of the call. Trump has said in the past, that ship may have had a “nervous breakdown” and may have committed crimes. The ship itself later recognized, by way of apology, it was a “parody.”

Trump has suggested, that the prosecution is the investigation is just another attempt by Democrats to damage his presidency, according to the Miller report fell short.

Democrats show they closed on the last door testimony as evidence of unscrupulous dealings between the Trump administration, and the Ukraine.

He received his, in prepared remarks, wrote: “I think it was right to demand to examine a foreign government, a US citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government, the support of Ukraine.”

He added, “after the call, I… I reported my concerns to NSC ‘s lead counsel,” a reference to top-NSC lawyer John A. Eisenberg.

Both Trump and Zelensky deny any wrongdoing.

He received his testified in a closed hearing on his concerns to the President of the call, and a previous meeting with Ambassador Sondland examined, Joe Biden and his son.

Gen. Joe Dunford, the recently retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave a full-throated endorsement of the he received his relying on his justice, patriotism, and integrity. “He’s just a guy doing his job,” Dunford told Fox News.


He went on to say that he received his was “professional, competent, Patriotic and a loyal officer. He has an extraordinary contribution in times of peace and in the fight.”

Fox News, Gregg Re, and Adam Shaw contributed to this report

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