Trump wants the media to not use anonymous sources more use

Trump wants the media to not use anonymous sources more use

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President Donald Trump wants, that the media are not anonymous sources. Before he pleaded Friday in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Committee, a major annual conference of conservative politicians.

“Journalists are not allowed sources to use their name do not want to call it,” said the president.

It was a new attack on the media, on whom the American president over the past weeks and more arrows founded. Trump calls regularly that the newspapers nepnieuws report and stated a number of big media to ‘public enemy’.

The president stressed not about all the media talk, but only about the ‘fake news media’. “I’m only against journalists, sources and stories come up,” said the president. “They are not telling the truth. They do not represent the people. I know. And I’m going to do something about it.”

Critical stories

Many newspapers have in recent weeks critical stories about Trump and his team brought on the basis of anonymous sources within the White House. For example, several high-ranking sources that during the elections has been contact between his campaign team and Russian top officials.

After the wave of publicity on this topic was national security advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation. He would be with the Russians have talked about easing the sanctions that are imposed because of the hacks during the American elections, and the invasion of the Crimea.

Social media

On social media, the American president immediately criticized. He argued in his speech “a certain friend Jim,” on which never to Paris would have dared because of the fear for muslim terrorism after the attacks in november 2015. This Jim would previously every year to Paris are gone, “but Paris is Paris no more”.

The rest of the speech of Trump consisted of a large number of showpieces of the president. So he promised Obamacare quickly to dismantle it, he quickly the restrictive climate for companies to buy, and promised to Trump various trade agreements on to say that in his opinion, is not beneficial for the US. Concrete plans presented by the president during his speech.

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