‘Trump wants the environment watchdog to approve for publication

‘Trump wants the environment watchdog to approve for publication

Photo: AFP

The government of Donald Trump wants to in future scientific studies, environment agency EPA check before they are published.

That reports news agency AP.

It is only publications in scientific journals, but also to texts that are posted on the website. It was mainly for articles and studies to the warming of the earth and the fact that CO2 emissions are responsible for this.

Also the acquisition of new data on these topics is the subject of discussion with regard to the White House. A spokesman for the EPA claims that the rules are previously yet by no government imposed.

Obama had the EPA, in consultation with Congress, established new guidelines. This was the agency the scientific studies independent could run and then the Congress and the public of the findings on the height could be set without the intervention of third parties.

Chinese hoax

Previously had a Trump already given the order, all the documents on the website of the Environmental Protection Agency to go check. The government Trump has currently no plans to the web site of the milieuwaakhond offline.

Donald Trump denied in his campaign several times already, the warming of the earth and the fact that greenhouse gases are responsible for this. He called climate change a ‘hoax’ by the Chinese has been devised.

BREAKING: Trump administration mandating EPA scientific studies, data undergo review by political staff before public release.


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21:53 – 25 January 2017

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