Trump wants that decision right about re-entry ban will be reversed

Trump wants that decision right about re-entry ban will be reversed

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President Trump wants, that the decision of a judge in the state of Washington to the re-entry ban to suspend people from seven islamic countries is reversed.

A federal judge in Seattle certain Friday that the inbound travel restriction to the US directly temporarily have to be suspended. Trump let Twitter know the opinion of these so-called right’, ‘ridiculous’.

“If a country can not say who is and is not within may come or may go, especially for safety reasons – then ensures that for large problems”.

Previously said spokesman Sean Spicer is already on the ban of the court. He announced that Justice spoedverzoek the courts are going to submit to the prohibition to continue to maintain. “We believe that the decision of the president within the law and so is allowed”.

U.s. judge sets category is Trump to temporarily stop


The case was filed by the state of Washington, and received later support from Minnesota. The re-entry ban was enacted with a presidential decree. That is for the implementing bodies binding, as long as it is not through the court is challenged.

The court ruling in Seattle has a suspensive effect. That means that the re-entry ban does not apply anymore and only can be entered if the government Trump the right right.

The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!


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13:12 – 04 February 2017

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