Trump wants ‘Obama-ambassadors’ quickly leave

Trump wants ‘Obama-ambassadors’ quickly leave

Photo: AFP

The transition team of Donald Trump has politically appointed ambassadors of the United States given to understand that they left their posts for the appointment of the new president will have to leave. Formerly were the emissaries a little longer time to make their move.

The ambassadors were on december 23, informed, writes The New York Times. A member of the transition team told the newspaper that for the diplomats, the same applies as for thousands of other political staff of Barack Obama in the White House and at federal agencies.

Many ambassadors, however, need short-term accommodation or visa arrangements, so that, for example, their children in their current schools can remain.


U.s. ambassadors are often appointed as a reward for their financial support to a successful presidenskandidaat.

According to the American diplomatenclub AFSA is more than a third part of the Obama-appointed ambassadors politically appointed. The rest were diplomats, who for a change of government usually remain in function.

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