Trump vows to release FISA docs now that Mueller slams probe is closed, the ‘treasonable’ FBI

close tovideo trump: We can never allow this to happen to another President

President Donald Trump links ‘Hannity’ to discuss played in an exclusive interview, the results of the Müller-abuse report, and the role of the FISA scandal.

President Trump, in an exclusive wide-ranging interview Wednesday night with Fox News’ “Hannity,” vowed the release of the full and unredacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and the related documents, the said of the FBI probe of his campaign, he wants to “on the ground”, such as the long-running Russia agreement story began.

Trump anchor Sean Hannity said that his lawyers previously had not advised to take this dramatic step, for fear that it could be considered obstruction of justice.

“I think I have plans to declassify and release. I have plans to absolutely release it,” Trump said. “I have to work some very talented people for me, lawyers, and you really don’t want me to do it too early. … A lot of people, wanted this to me a long time. I’m glad I did it. We got a great result without having to do it, but we will. One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it, said she, if I do it, they call it a form of disability.”

Trump added thought: “to be Honest, it would be better if we held to the end. But at the right time, we will absolutely release it.”

Trump also accused FBI officials of committing “treason” — a strike to former FBI Director James Comey as a “terrible fellow”, the former Director of the CIA, John Brennan as potentially mentally ill and a Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as a criminal.

Redacted versions of the FISA documents that have already been published, have revealed that the FBI relied extensively on documents of Christopher Steele, an anti-Trump, a British ex-spy working for a company funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, to watch Trump aide Carter page. At least one senior DOJ official had obvious concerns Steele was unreliable, according to text messages obtained exclusively last week by Fox News.


Trump vows to release FISA documents, says he fired knew James Comey would only be in control of the White house

The dossier leaked, and related FBI surveillance, it was a media frenzy over alleged Russia-Trump consultation, ended with a whimper on Sunday, when it became Special Counsel to Robert Mueller probe revealed complete, found no evidence for such a conspiracy to help, in spite of several offers from the Russians, the Trump campaign. Page was never behavior of charged with failure.


Citing a high-ranking source, the Kentucky GOP sen. Rand Paul late Wednesday tweeted that the anti-Trump, ex-CIA Director John Brennan had internally, the dossier pushed. Fox News has not independently Pauls source review.

“I think that Brennan is a sick person, I really do,” Trump said, sharp-Brennan ‘ s criticize the “terrible” claims in recent weeks that Trump had the betrayal itself. “I think there is something wrong with him.”

FILE – In this may 23, 2017, file photo, former Director of the CIA, John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the House Intelligence Committee, Russia investigation Task Force. President Donald Trump is picked up by the security review of former Obama administration CIA Director Brennan (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, file)
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Brennan was one of the loudest and most violent voices of the trumpet of the Russian understandings of the theory in the last two years, falsely claiming only a few weeks ago, that Special Counsel Robert Müller, probably, was planning to indict members of the Trump-administration the family in a scene reminiscent of the “ides of March” and the assassination of Julius Caesar. He implies had a “bad information”.

“If I said, it could be someone spying on my campaign, it was wild out there,” Trump Hannity said. “They couldn’t believe I could say such a thing. As it turned out, that was small potatoes compared to what went on. … Millions and millions [spent] on the wrong dossier, and then used the documents to start the things. It was a fraud, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

Only a few hours earlier on Wednesday, Trump made it clear he was thrilled to check about the idea of the appointment of a second special counsel to the origins of the Russia-investigation, if it came up at a meeting on Tuesday with Republican senators, a source familiar with the talks told Fox News.


In an apparent shot at the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump even Hannity said, “all this would not have happened,” if the General state attorney William Barr and his government from the beginning.

Trump also noted that the ratings for the various networks, which has aggressively pushed like the Russia-narrative, “” dramatic. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is that the target audience of 2.5 million on Monday to 19 percent below their average this year, and it went down to 2.3 million on Tuesday, according to the Nielsen company.

Carter Page: I am always ready for some of the largest legal battles in the history of the United States

Carter Page talks about ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ about the legal battles he’s faced since the start of the Russia-probe.

“If you are a Roman, wrote this, would buy it no one; it would be a mistake, because it would be to say incredible,” Trump. “We are always on the bottom. This can never happen to a President. This was a shame and an embarrassment for our country. … Hopefully you will not come through.

“We have to see how it all started, but I’ll leave that to other people, including the Minister of justice and others will make the decision,” Trump. “Fifty years, 100 years from now, when someone tries to know the same thing, you have to have, the punishment will be very very big if and if you are caught.”

Trump also blow in the ship, D-Calif., anyone who has him urgently for investigations, possible trump card-Russia links. “The ship is a bad guy, he knew that he’s lying-he’s not a dummy. For a year and a half, he would just leak and call, CNN, and others. You know, I’m watching him, so hypocritical … He knew it was a lie, and he would laugh in the back room with his friends in the democratic party, and they would be like hell. In some ways, you could say it is a crime what he did-he made statements that he knew were wrong. He is a disgrace to our country.”

The President insisted that the United States should have a “good relationship” with Russia and China, but the “fake news” and “nonsense” distorted his intentions in something bedrohlicheres.

FILE – In this March 22, 2018 photo, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., then ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, completed a protected area, to speak to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Trump also criticized Comey, whom he fired in 2017, as a “terrible guy.” He insisted that he hinder fire him to justice, Hannity say that he knew that the fire Comey would only be in control of the White house.

“It was betrayal, that was really treason,” Trump said, referring to the texts between the former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer, Lisa page, discussed “insurance” in the event of the Trump of his choice.

“You had dirty cops, people, the bad are the FBI people … At the top, they were not clean, to put it mildly.” He later said, “We can not allow that this country of traitorous actions happen to another President.”

“I think I have plans to declassify and release.”

President Trump

Separately, Trump also said he hopes Democrats will continue to press the Green New Deal, which flamed out in an exam, which will be voted on Tuesday, as most Democrats voted “present” instead of on record in support of the sweeping transformation of the entire US economy.

Trump’s interview came as several GOP lawmakers argued, the President trample all over what was the best week of his presidency by the support of the entire circulation of ObamaCare.

On Monday, the justice Ministry asked to affirm the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, the ruling of a Texas Federal judge that States that the Affordable care Act was constitutional because, in 2017, the tax-legislation for the reform eliminates the health last year-the law, the penalty for not having health insurance.

Several congressional Republicans said on Fox News they were disturbed found to be due to the timing of the Trump government intervention in the question of what came on the heels of the Miller report, the house, the preservation of the presidential veto against a bill to curb the national state of emergency for the border wall, and a Senate vote, shone a spotlight on what the conservatives described the problems with the Green New Deal is inextricably linked with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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