Trump visit in Texas again victims of hurricane Harvey

Trump visit in Texas again victims of hurricane Harvey

Photo: AFP

The American president Donald Trump is Saturday due to hurricane Harvey for the second time within a few days in the state of Texas. Together with his wife, Melania he visits among residents of the affected Houston.

As a result of the hurricane, the toughest in Texas in more than fifty years, left more than a million people to their homes.

Especially in and around Houston, the damage is great. In which city drops the water level is currently slowly. This means that residents Saturday will get the chance to for the first time, the damage to their homes and other possessions. It is estimated forty thousand homes destroyed.

President Trump Friday in Washington, the Congress proposed provisionally converted to 6.6 billion euros in emergency aid to provide. Texas governor Greg Abbott said his state may have more than 105 billion needs to get back on after Harvey.


The most remarkable images of tropical storm Harvey

Death toll

About the death toll by tropical storm there is still lack of clarity. Officials fear that in the city of Houston and surrounding areas at least fifty people to the life. At least forty cases have already been confirmed.

Although it stopped raining, there are in Houston still areas where the water is dangerously high. There are still people being rescued by the floods stuck.

Hospitals in Houston and the surrounding area prepare for the arrival of a storm surge in patients, now that more and more people out of their homes. Most of the hospitals were during the hurricane remain open, a number of had patients evacuate.

Water level drops in Houston after floods

Now the water level in the Texan city of Houston slowly, more and more residents return to their homes.

It is estimated by the tropical storm forty thousand homes destroyed.

In some parts of the city is the water still high.

In other areas, the water subsided.

A lot of people still stay in noodopvangen.

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