Trump: US will have to ability to significantly strengthen” the nuclear


President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday abruptly demanded that the United States, “to significantly strengthen and expand their nuclear capabilities,” to the rest of the world “comes to his senses” in relation to nuclear weapons.

Trump has the statement on Twitter, and did not expand on the measures it wants to take the US or the problems he sees around the world. His comments came a day after a meeting with the incoming White house, the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Trump’s transition website, says he “recognizes the clear catastrophic threats from nuclear weapons and cyber attacks,” adding that the modernization of the nuclear Arsenal “, in order to ensure that it continues to be an effective deterrent.” In addition, he has some peculiarities, either as a candidate or during the transition.

Trump’s campaign rival Hillary Clinton to be defeated again and again the Republicans throw too unpredictable to control the country’s nuclear Arsenal. Ten former nuclear missile launch operators also wrote that Trump lacks the temperament, judgment, and diplomatic skills to avoid nuclear war.

Trump spent the Thursday in his private estate in South Florida, where he was nominated to meet with consultants, and interviewing with potential Cabinet. He is also building his staff in the White house, announces the launch of campaign manager, Kelly Anne Conway will join him in the West wing as a counselor.

Conway, a longtime Republican pollster, is far help credited, to lead him to victory. She is also a frequent guest on the television in news programmes.

Trump called Conway “a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda.”

The President-elect has spent part of the week discussing the national security, including the deadly attack on a Christmas market in Germany. He called the violence “an attack on humanity,” and appeared to suggest a willingness to promise to come with his campaign to impose a temporary ban Muslim immigrants in the United States.

Trump suggested the Muslim prohibition during the Republican primary campaign, drawing sharp criticism from both parties. During the General elections, shifted his rhetoric to focus, temporarily halting the immigration of an unspecified list of countries with links to terrorism, although he did not deny the Muslim prohibition, the still prominent on his campaign website.

The President-elect, on the question Wednesday, when the attack in Berlin would lead to rate him, the proposed ban or a possible registration of Muslims in the United States, said, “you know my plans. All together, I have to be demonstrably in the right, 100 percent correct.”

“What happened is outrageous,” said Trump, who stopped the violence “an attack on humanity,” and added, “it must.”

A transition spokesman said later on Wednesday that Trump could disrupt the plans of “those who stuck with their heads in the politically correct sand.”

“President-elect Trump, it became clear that we have the suspension of the authorisation of those from countries with high terrorism rates and the application of a stringent safety review process for those who have the entry to protect the American way of life,” spokesman Jason Miller said. However, the transition officials would not comment on whether Trump will also push for the all-encompassing ban on the Muslims.

The Islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the Monday attack in Berlin that left 12 dead and 48 injured. On Wednesday, German officials in Europe started a wide manhunt for a “violent and armed” Tunisian man suspected in the murders.

Conway said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday that Trump “the guy say out there, we need extreme revision of policies, we need to have a better system, vis a vis countries, railway, port and export of terrorists.”

“He said during the campaign, long after it was initially proposed that this would be more strictly bound to the countries in which we know you have a history of terrorism, and this is not a complete ban,” she added.

Trump, told journalists addressed on Wednesday for less than two minutes in front of his palatial South Florida real estate, he has not spoken to President Barack Obama since the attack.

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