Trump tweets bizarre video suggesting he could be President ‘4EVA’

nearvideo trump the public shares, why he called out Iran strike

Jonathan Schanzer and Michael O’hanlon weigh in on President Trump the decision to admit publicly that he was planning to attack Iran, and why he chose you to stop it.

The commander-in-chief troller turned-in-chief Friday, tweeting a video, send shivers down the backs of his biggest critics.

President Trump posted the short video on Friday afternoon, based on a TIME magazine cover from October 2018. The magazine cover showed a number of “Trump” choice of characters, the expand with the years, until 2044. “How Trumpism Trump survived to read” the cover.

In the President’s version of the video, it zooms in on one of the signs that the overlay is floating a picture of himself on him. To stop instead of 2044, the years continue to rise rapidly, until the characters finally: “Trump 4EVA.”

The video was originally by Twitter user Carpe Donktum.


The latest trolling efforts of the President received wide-ranging reviews, many of the affected journalists, as well as of his most ardent followers.

Some of the President’s harshest critics speculated about whether or not Trump would defeat that office voluntarily after an election. Especially “Real Time” host Bill Maher is convinced, he will not leave the White house if he loses in the year 2020.

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