Trump trades scrappy 2016 effort for 2020 behemoth

closevideo what is the President Trump-2020-re-election strategy?

Trump prepares to launch campaign for re-election; Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member member member Jenna Ellis Rives weighs.

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On the roster: Trump trades scrappy 2016 effort for 2020 behemoth – the head of the Pentagon thrown out in the midst of domestic violence claims Biden fundraising is booming – the Audible: what are you saying, then, that there is a chance – *urp*

Fox News: “If President Trump speaks in front of about 20,000 people on Tuesday night in a jam-Packed arena in Orlando, he will officially kick-off in 2020, his re-election campaign. In reality, the President of the bid for a second term in the Oval Office runs for as long as Trump was in the White house. And in comparison with its 2016 campaign, the 2020 edition — thanks to the power of the term of office, and a massive war chest-is in a completely different (large) League. Highlighting the enthusiasm on the ground, Trump and his campaign have been tweeting in the run-up to the early-detection of masses, with some Fans arriving, the secure more than 40 hours in advance a place in the arena … Trump, you will need to warning sign all the advantages he enjoys, because they offer at least for now – the national and the key battleground – state polls, when he launched the celebration of his re-election campaign, with several Democratic candidates exceeded him in hypothetical matchups.”

Behind Trump, is in Florida first strategy – Political: “in order To win a second term in the White house, Donald Trump is running for President of Florida. Trump will officially kick-off his re-election campaign on Tuesday in Orlando, an event that comes 17 months after his first campaign-style rally as the President — in the vicinity of Melbourne. Sandwiched between these two events, the trump card for more than 100 days in Florida as President, more than any other state outside of the Beltway, according to two independent reports. … He strengthened disaster money for the state after the hurricane, Michael and approves more money for the Everglades. He courted Hispanic voters by cracking down on Venezuela and Cuba. He is tapped into major Florida donor, with plans for a Wednesday action of his campaign donations predicted to get in another $4 million. And Trump campaigned tirelessly to Ron DeSantis Governor Rick Scott , senator, marking the first time since reconstruction, the state has two GOP senators and a Republican Governor.”

Threatens to start the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants – AP: “President Donald Trump threatens to remove millions of people in the United States illegally on the eve of formally announcing his re-election bid. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement next week will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens, illegally in the United States,’ Trump said in a pair of tweets Monday evening. ‘They will be removed as quickly as they come,” he wrote. Administration officials said that the effort would focus on the more than 1 million people were issued a stay last deportation from a Federal judge but on big in the U.S. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to explain the President’s tweets.”

“How could you do so, that a people, jealous as the Greeks their liberty, should so far abandon the rules of caution, their fate in the hands of a single citizen?” – James Madison, Federalist No. 38

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Trump job performance

Average level of agreement: 43.2 percent
The average of the rejection: 52 percent
Net Score: -8.8 Points
Change from a week ago: up 1.4 points
[Average, includes: Fox News: 45% approve, reject – 53%; NBC/WSJ: 44% approve – 53% disapprove; Quinnipiac University: 42% approve, reject – 53%; NPR/PBS/Marist: 43% approve – 49% reject; IBD: 42% approve – 52% disapprove.]

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USA Today: “President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he replaced was the Acting Minister of defence, Patrick Shanahan on Tuesday. He made the announcement in an early afternoon tweet. The announcement brings uncertainty in the highest level of the national security system in a time of escalating tensions with Iran, have left the Pentagon, preparing for a possible military confrontation. The move comes hours after USA TODAY published a story that revealed that the FBI had been involved in a violent 2010 fight between Shanahan and his then-wife.”

NY Post: “Ex-Vice President Joe Biden said at a Manhattan fundraiser on Monday that his campaign raised nearly $20 million, mainly from small donors. Biden made the statement on, during a fundraiser on the Upper East Side, the home of Jim Chanos, an investment manager, the President of Kynikos Associates. At the end of the event, to the approximately 180 people, Biden said his campaign has money of about 360,000 donors with an average donation of $55. Biden said the donations have allowed me to be able to compete, in a way that I will never be able to. We raised a lot of money.’ Earlier on Monday, Biden, speech at the Poor People’s Campaign a candidate Forum in Washington, DC, said he expected that he would win wide swaths of the South, he will be the Democratic presidential candidate.”

“Front-runners don’t always get nominated” – FiveThirtyEight: “…if Biden were to vary, it would not be the first early primary front-runner will come to shortly. To understand curious about how other high-name-recognition early runners went, we looked at candidates who have not led consistently in the polls at the beginning of the campaign to win their party’s nomination. And we found four candidates since 1972 who fit that bill [sen. Ed Muskie, the former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart, Hillary Clinton and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani]. Some of the strategic errors, or had personal weaknesses that led to their demise. Others were triggered by to not underestimate the power of the media in the primary process. In still other cases, unexpectedly strong opponent, and the volatility of the primary calendar gave them trouble. And, for some, their views were simply out-of-touch with their primary electorate, they are particularly vulnerable.”

Arnon Mishkin: The “poor Elizabeth Warren’ to ‘Lucky Liz – Fox News: “In the complicated DNC drawing to the debate, post positions, she got placed in the debate, where she is the clear poll-leader. While Biden, [Bernie Sanders], South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, and California Senator Kamala Harriswill face off against each other on the second debate of the night, Warren is likely to be the center of attention on debate night, because it is the only truly top-tier candidates in this night. … The debate set-up is ideal for Warren. Your strategic need – right – now – just to decide the people that ‘She’s solid’ and put it on your list of ” acceptable.’ It has no strategic interest to compare this beginning of the people, “” your, Biden, Harris, or others. … Force, the choice can come later, in the Democratic marathon, after the people with her.”

Trump to play “Mystery Science Theater 3000” with The debate – WSJ: “President Trump’s political advisers wanted the President out of Twitter during the Democratic debates of the next week, with the argument that there is a benefit in letting potential Challenger to attack each other, without distraction. Now there is a new strategy. The President has spent years trying to embrace social media for its political advantage, is subject to the planning to live-tweet the debates, June 26-27, according to people familiar with the planning. Mr. Trump, even from a remove, the are always promised to be the most important figure in the debate. Regardless of the specific debate the issues, hear many democratic voters how each candidate plans to take down Mr. Trump. Interaction in real-time on Twitter would make Mr Trump and the presence of more tangible, by directly inserting himself in a political discussion is unfolding on the stage.”

Klobuchar touts Executive actions for the first 100 days – WaPo: “How the other presidential candidates to the release of dozens of policy papers on a variety of topics, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) took a different approach and put together a list of everything she would do during her first 100 days in office. The list you planned, early in the morning, fills more than 16 printed pages and contains 136 items — 137, including the last entry, which reads: ‘more!’ About half of these promises include, driving backwards, or contrary to the actions of President Trump and his administration; about half a dozen centers on legislation introduced by Klobuchar. The rest of the list is filled with actions that you would take with the Executive, the presidency…”

Bullock qualified for the second July-debates – Political: “[Montana Gov. Steve] Bullock is not on the stage during the first round of the Democratic debate in Miami next week. But he has now qualified for the July debates. By collecting 1 percent in a CBS News poll in Iowa on Sunday, Bullock has exceeded released now the 1-percent mark in three surveys, qualified for the second round of the discussions of the last two days of the month, in Detroit. … Bullock is the 21 candidates qualifying for the July-debate… This could (possibly) triggers a series of tie-Break rules, the prioritized candidates, the cross is both the polling and donor-threshold, followed by candidates who only crossed the polling threshold (sorted according to the polling average), followed by candidates, the only hit of the donor threshold… now, Rep. Eric Swalwell and Bullock are effectively tied for the 20th spot, with each of the identical polling averages…”

Perez must have a headache – Political: “Tom Perez is not the panel recoil just about his management of his party’s unruly presidential primary field. He also has 280 components, in the Congress, some of which sound out of public. The Democratic National Committee Chairman is the face of the presidential debate rules allow it, a meditation guru to the stage next week, while a red state on the Western Governor’s watch in the TV. Against this background, a collection of democratic lawmakers still aggravated, with Perez after the party-base in the last year, and agreed to dilute their power as superdelegates problem of Perez is still trying to defuse it, in a private meeting with Democrats. Perez complained to Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly, the Democratic members of the Congress ‘second-class citizens in our Convention.'”

Maine house returns to effort to turn the election Committee for the people’s vote… again – Bangor Daily News

Another candidate joins race to challenge Tillis – Morning Consult

Trump has big decisions ahead of him in the economy – WaPo

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to a meeting with congressional leadership to talk, trade, Political

Dems worry-Trump’s house agenda – WaPo overshadowed

With States, the deepening of the one-party control, divisions – NYT

“God bless Joe’s heart, he is more likely to find a unicorn with a four leaf clover in its mouth, as a victory in South Carolina” – South Carolina Republican y Chairman, Drew McKissick , in response to a tout from the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, that he would win, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina next November.

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“Not too many people can a particular day, if you sat down with a book and was cured of the stupidity of youth. I can. I was 19. The book was ” Four Essays on Liberty.’ The author was Isaiah Berlin.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on Nov. 14, 1997.

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