Trump to release the national security strategy next week

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is set to unveil its first National security strategy next week Monday.

The national security advisor, H. R. McMaster said the strategy will take four core national interests: the protection of the American people; the promotion of American prosperity; “the preservation of peace by the power”; and the promotion of American influence.

Speak with his British counterpart on Tuesday at an event organised by the British think tank Policy Exchange, McMaster said: “geopolitics are back and they are back with a vengeance.”

He said the document will reflect Trump’s desire to strengthen the involvement with other countries in the framework of “cooperation with reciprocity.”

McMaster said the strategy will be the identification of global threats to the United States and their interests, including the “revisionist powers such as Russia and China, “rogue regimes” such as Iran and North Korea, and non-state terrorist groups.

The conception of the Russian efforts to intervene in the internal politics of neighbors, McMaster alluded to intelligence assessments, that Russia be asked to sow discord in the united states in the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections, terming it “new generation of warfare.”

“These are very sophisticated campaigns of subversion and disinformation and propaganda, with the help of cyber tools, in multiple domains, who try to divide our communities and within our nations and pit them against each other and try to make the crises of confidence,” McMaster said.

He also decried “economic aggression” from China, that is “a challenge to the rules-based economic order.”

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