Trump to meet with Netanyahu, chair Security Council

President Donald Trump reacts to laughter of diplomats during his speech to the un General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018 at U. N. headquarters. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

UNITED NATIONS – President Donald Trump poured scorn on the “ideology of globalism,” and was full of praise for his own administration the results in a speech to the U. N. General Assembly that drew headshakes and even mocking laughter from the audience of fellow world leaders.

“The US will not tell you how to live, work, or worship,” Trump said he unashamedly promoted his “America First” agenda. “We ask only that you honor our sovereignty back.”

Speak in triumphant terms, Trump approached his address to the world body as a thing of an annual report to the world on his country’s progress since his inauguration. He showed a strong economic figures, stated that the AMERICAN army is stronger than it has ever been” and crowed that “less than two years, my administration has achieved more than any administration in the history of our country.”

Just sentences in the president’s comments, the audience began to chuckle, and some of the leaders broke into outright laughter, which suggests that the one-time reality tv star boast is as well known abroad as it is at home. Trump appeared briefly flustered, then smiled and said that it was not the reaction he expected, “but that’s all right.”

Later, he brushed off the episode, telling reporters, “Oh, it was great. Well, that was meant for a laugh so it was great.”

The leaders of the’ spontaneous reaction to Trump address only but reinforced the American president, the insulation among allies and enemies alike, as his nationalist policies created rifts with former partners, and doubt in some circles about the reliability of American commitments around the world.

Barely an hour before he spoke, in fact, U. N. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, declared to the assembly that the global partnership is the world’s best hope and “multilateralism is under fire at the exact moment we need it the most.”

Since taking office, Trump has removed the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, promoted protectionist rates and questioned the value of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and other alliances for the promotion of what he called on Tuesday a strategy of ” principled realism.”

To that end, Trump flaunted his embrace of the negotiations with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, just a year after he was warned it rains “total destruction” as a leader, he is branded “Little Rocket Man.” As Trump praised Kim’s “courage” on Tuesday, he unloaded aggressive rhetoric about nuclear-aspirant Iran as a permanent malign influence in the Middle East.

“We ask all nations to isolate the iranian regime as long as the aggression continues,” said Trump. The president has removed the U.S. from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, the indication of the country of the destabilizing actions in the region and supporting terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and he accused its leaders on Tuesday of sowing ‘ chaos, death and destruction.”

His national security adviser, John Bolton, was to go even further in a speech Tuesday, issuing an ominous warning to Iran: “If you have us, our allies or our partners; when you harm our citizens; if you continue to lie, cheat and mislead, yes, there will indeed be hell to pay,” Bolton said, according to prepared remarks released by the White House.

In addition to his keynote speech, Trump is to chair a meeting of the U. N. security council about nuclear proliferation on Wednesday. Four days of the choreography of foreign affairs, were designed to stand in contrast to a presidency sometimes defined by a disorder, but they were quickly overshadowed by the domestic political crises.

The fate of his second Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was in fresh doubt after a second accusation of sexual misconduct, Kavanaugh denies. Kavanaugh and his first accuser testify to Congress on Thursday.

Drama also whirls around the job security of the Trumpet of the deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein was reported last week floated the idea of secretly recording the president last year, and have noted the idea of the use of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. He will meet with Trump in the White House, also on Thursday.

At the U. N., Trump grabbed his chance to claim American independence from the international body. He showed his decisions to go with the former pariah North Korea, remove the USA. of the international Iran’s nuclear agreement and the object to U. N. programs he believes are contrary to the American interests.

“We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the teaching of patriotism,” Trump said.

He referred to a list of U. N. organs, the International criminal court to the human Rights Council, that his administration is working to undermine it.

“America will always opt for independence and cooperation on global governance, control and domination,” Trump declared. His denunciations of globalism, drew murmurs of the other members of the organization who stands as the embodiment of the concept.

Shortly before he spoke, in fact, U. N. Secretary-General Guterres had defended international cooperation is the only way to face the challenges and threats of the increasingly chaotic times.

“Democratic principles are under attack,” Guterres said. “The world is connected, but societies are becoming more fragmented. The challenges are getting to the outside, while a lot of people turning inward.”

On other exciting topics, Trump’s criticism of the German attempt to direct energy pipeline from Russia drew a dismissive headshake of a member of the AMERICAN ally of the delegation, and his mention of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all in one breath was stone-faced expressions of the kingdom of Saudi officials. The united arab emirates and Saudi Arabia are boycotting Doha since last year as part of a dispute tearing apart the typical clubby Gulf Arab countries.

The laughter in the first moments of Trump’s address called for a campaign line He often used against his predecessor, Barack Obama — who embraced international involvement — suggest that by the weak American leadership, “the world laughs at us.”

In 2014, Trump tweeted, “We have a President that is not the laughingstock of the whole World. We have a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and win. Respect!”

Performances on the international stage have the tendency to increase the respect of the presidents, both abroad and at home. But even before his arrival for the annual gathering of world leaders and diplomats, the desired image was surpassed as Trump was forced to the confrontation with the tantalizing and painful in the controversies about Rosenstein and Kavanaugh.

With cable news chyrons flashing breathless updates on both the Ring road of drama’s, news of the Trumpet of the foreign policy moves of the U. N., led by a new trade agreement with South Korea, had struggled to break through.


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