Trump to hurt “” McCain attacks, because they distract from the strong economy: Marc Thiessen

nearvideo President Trump takes the heat for the attacks on John McCain

President trump would not consent to be much higher, if he has to go after respected Americans such as the late Sen. John McCain, the Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen Wednesday argues.

Earlier in the day, at an event in Ohio, Trump continued his attacks against McCain, the longtime senator and former prisoner of war, died of brain cancer last August at the age of 81. Trump complains that no one said “thank you” to him for the approval of the Washington area, the mourning ceremonies for McCain.

During Wednesday’s “special report” All-Star” panel, Thiessen along with former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile, and Washington Examiner chief congressional correspondent Susan Ferrechio — weighed in on Trump’s dealings with his constant attacks against the late senator.


Thiessen began by he understands why Trump disliked McCain, and there is “legitimate criticism”, but the President is not “hurt” the senator since he is dead, and that he will only hurt “to” because he was “stepping on his own story”, in reference to the strong economy.

“There are millions of people in this country will benefit from the Trump of the economy, the jobs and opportunities and a better life, because of that, and you like Trump’s politics, but you don’t like him, because of things like this,” said Thiessen. “The reason why he’s in the low 40s, the approval, instead of the over 50’s persuadable voters look at this and say, ‘I don’t want to support a guy that goes to a dead hero.'”

Ferrechio took the “big back story” has shown that Trump and McCain have “not liked for a long time,” highlighting traded jabs in the election in 2016 and McCain’s involvement in the Steele dossier, which has helped the Russia investigation. You agreed with Thiessen added that, because of the “complicated” history, the public sees only trump, going after a war hero.


Meanwhile, Brazile added to Trump the “tirade” against McCain, tells the control panel that you have not learned as a child to “speak badly of the dead.”

“John McCain leaves behind a legacy, a legacy of service he leaves behind a legacy of sacrifice,” Brazile said. “John McCain should be honored for his service, but the criticism … under the presidency of the Council.”

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