Trump, the first prime-time Oval Office address, laments ‘crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul” on the border

close tovideo trump: the Only reason government remains shutdown, because Democrats will not Fund the border security

President Trump delivers first Oval Office address on the need for border security.

President Trump used his first prime-time address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night to make his case for the financing of the southern border wall as well as to emphasize the human cost of what he called “the growing humanitarian and security crisis” of rising illegal immigration.

The speech, which was followed moments later by a rebuttal from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, apparently pulled deep lines in the sand how the Republicans and the Democrats are planning to meet on Wednesday the continuation of the negotiations to end the ongoing partial federal government shutdown over the border-wall-financing, which is now in the third week. Trump has said, the shutdown could be achieved for the last “years” if agreement is not reached.

Finds that “more Americans die of drugs this year were killed than in the entire Vietnam war,” the President, the direct look into the camera, demanded the closure of the pipeline, which allows it “, in which large quantities of illegal drugs including Crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl” from crossing the border.

“Each week, 300 of our citizens alone, 90 percent killed of heroin, the high water across from our southern border,” Trump, the signing of a cross-party opioid bill into law at the end of last year, said at the beginning of his speech.

He continued: “This is a humanitarian crisis – a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. Last month, 20,000 immigrant children were illegally brought to the United States, a dramatic increase. These kids are in gangs as human pawns of vicious coyotes and unscrupulous. One out of three women will be sexually harassed on the dangerous trek through Mexico. Women and children are the biggest victims by far of our broken system.”

The President paid tribute to killed several Americans, presumably by illegal immigrants, including the California police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was murdered the day after Christmas — allegedly by an illegal immigrant suspected of driving drunk. The suspect had been charged to have more prior arrests, and the Republicans, that California, the sanctuary of the laws — to prevent the local police from cooperation with Federal immigration authorities-Singh led ‘ s murder.


“America’s heart the day broke after Christmas, when a young police officer in California, was brutally murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien that just came over the border,” Trump said. “The life of an American hero was stolen, by someone who had no right in our country.”


Trump added: “In California, raped an Air Force Veteran, was murdered and beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal alien with a long criminal history. In Georgia, an illegal alien, recently was accused of murder, for the killing, beheading and dismemberment of his neighbor. In Maryland, MS-13 gang members, arrived in the United States as unaccompanied minors, were arrested and charged last year after brutally stabbed, and hit a 16-year-old girl.

“Wealthy politicians … build walls, because you hate the people on the outside, but because you love the people on the inside.”

President Trump

“In the last few years, I’ve met with dozens of families, members of their families, illegal immigration,” Trump more were stolen. “I held the hands of weeping mothers and hugged grieving fathers. So sad. So terrible. I’ll never forget the pain in her eyes, the tremor in her voice, or the sadness that grab their souls. How much more American blood must be shed, before the Congress do its work?”

Apparently responding Pelosi is well to comment that a wall would be immoral, Trump said: “Some have suggested, a barrier against common decency. Why, then, are not enough politicians build walls, fences and gates to their homes? You do not build walls, because you hate the people on the outside, but because you love the people on the inside.”

In a common, country-wide televised response broadcast minutes later, Pelosi, D-Calif., and Schumer, D-NY, sentenced to trump the rhetoric and what they called his “obsession” with the construction of a border wall.

“Much of what we have heard from the President trump card in all this senseless shutdown information, and even malice,” Pelosi, the calculated in addition to Schumer, was full of fail. “The President has decided to fear. Want to start with the facts.”

Graham: securing the border at the end of the shutdown

Trump made an Oval Office address in the area of security, the Democratic leader to follow with refutation; response by Sen. Lindsey Graham.

“The fact is passed: On the first day of this Congress, house Democrats, Senate Republican legislation to open government and Fund smart, effective border security solutions,” Pelosi said, referring to invoices that do not contain financing for Trump border wall.

“But the President, this party rejects cross-bills, the open would return to the government – about his obsession with the American taxpayers continue to force us to waste billions of dollars on an expensive and ineffective wall – a wall that he pay always promised to Mexico,” Pelosi.

Schumer afterwards added: “There is an obvious solution: remove the shutdown from the dispute about the border protection. There is bipartisan legislation, supported by Democrats and Republicans to re-open government while the debate over border security, to continue.


“The symbol of America should be completed the Statue of liberty, a thirty-foot wall,” Schumer. “So, our proposal is simple, Mr. President: Re-open the government, and we can work to resolve our differences on border protection. But in the end this shutdown now.”

On social media, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), called Schumer and Pelosi, the current support for the Secure Fence Act of 2006 — to interfere with any authorized hundreds of miles of the border-and, apparently, you come up with other Twitter users mocked the two senators ” behavior during their reply-to address. (A widely shared post with the heading a picture of Pelosi and Schumer, as if the two were in a dry, low-budget law firm-advertising: “If you or a loved one has the diagnosis of mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation.”)

And conservative commentator Ben Shaprio in comparison with Pelosi and Schumer look, the nefarious fictional villains from the James Bond spy franchise. Other of the two compared to the aristocratic character of Lucille Bluth in the TV comedy series “Arrested Development.”

Vermont Independent sen. Bernie Sanders, who is widely considered a potential 2020 presidential candidate, delivered his own rebuttal that asserted climate change and health-care are becoming more and more urgent crises than illegal immigration. Sanders, a wide range of people suffering from potentially, if the shutdown continues.

“The safety of our nation could airports be compromised if the TSA will not be paid for pilot employees and flight,” said Sanders. “You want a national state of emergency? 30 million Americans have no health insurance and many more are under-insured.”

Negotiations are planned to fix in order to continue in the course of the week, to work the shutdown, which furloughed 380,000 Federal workers and forced an additional 420,000, without having to pay. On Wednesday, Fox News has learned that Trump will drive to Capitol Hill for a policy lunch with Senate Republicans. Congressional leaders of both parties were invited to the White house for a 3 PM ET sit-down afterwards.

The President, during his address on Tuesday, vowed that the wall “would very quickly pay for themselves,” because the cost of the “illegal drugs exceeds $500 billion dollars annually – far more than the $5.7 billion dollars that we have requested from the Congress.” Trump added that “the wall will also be paid, indirectly, by the great new trade deal we have with Mexico.”

Migrants as the U.S. Border Protection officers tear gas threw to the Mexican side of the border fence on Jan. 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

On Thursday, Trump is planning a personal visit to the border to Mexico, where his administration said illegal immigration “crisis” was a deterioration of day-to-day.

The response to trumpet the speech, the Senate Republican leader, have said they do not go spending Democrats ” -invoices without a border-wall-financing — reiterated that they Stand by the White house position.

“Tonight, President Trump and reaffirmed its determination, the humanitarian and security crisis in our nation and the southern border,” Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a statement. “His proposal to increase security through physical barriers, which is suitable for the reality on the ground. It is what experts will assist career border protection and challenge. And it just builds on previous legislation that Senate Democrats such as then-Senator Obama, then-Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer supported with enthusiasm.”


McConnell continues: “The last eight to ten days have shown that the Democrats are” refusing to negotiate, not by a principled objection, but simply because of the partisans, in spite of the President. For the men and women in the border protection, for the safety of American families, and for all the Americans who supply to earn a fully functioning Federal government, I hope, my Democratic colleagues come to the table and help find a solution.”

Some legal and political analysts were less enthusiastic. “As expected, [Trump, address], was loaded with emotional appeals, with the President presenting a parade of horribles,” John Cerone, Professor of international law at The Fletcher School, told Fox News. He added that a wall would only have a “limited effectiveness” in comparison to other options.

“Ultimately, the only way to stop irregular migration, it is the people, the hope of regular migration,” said Cerone. “The expansion of routes of regular migration, in particular through the creation of new employment visas, and the increase of the limits on the existing categories, a win-win situation.”

The number of illegal border crossings down from 1.6 million in 2000 to less than 400 ‘ 000 in the last year. But, the number of families coming across the border has greatly increased the burden on the health and immigration authorities, which came into sharp focus with the death of two children with a migrant background, in December.

Administration figures have shown that 161,000 on family crossed the border in fiscal year 2018, a 50 percent increase from the year before. Homeland Security officials have also told than 60,000 unaccompanied children across the border in the last year, an increase of 25 percent.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, left, Vice President Mike Pence, the White house legislative Affairs aide Yes RON Smith, followed by White house Senior adviser Jared Kushner, and the other, after a meeting with members of the house of representatives and the Senate leadership on the last Saturday in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

After a sit-down with Democrats over the weekend, the White house has a range of budget requirements, including a new request for $800,000 for humanitarian purposes. But, mostly, Trump always wants to refer to his wall, the Democrats are as immoral, there is no solution to illegal immigration.

In a pre-emptive move, the White house said on Monday that the tax refund will be paid despite the shutdown. The shutdown exemption would break could be from the past practice in question.

Emphasised that he was not the object of his security argument, Trump said in a fundraising E-Mail on Tuesday: “I want to one thing clear to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi: your security is not a political game or a negotiating tactic!”


Pelosi, for her part, has also sparred openly with the White house. You should be in a tense confrontation with Nielsen on Wednesday in the Situation room, break Nielsen’s presentation on border security and illegal immigration, to say to her, “I will take your facts back.”

In your short answer, address on Tuesday night, Pelosi, the word “facts” used six times, in an effort to contrast with what you called the trump card-the rhetoric of “fear.”

“The fact is that the women and children at the border are not a threat, they are a humanitarian challenge – a challenge that the President Trump your own cruel and counter-productive policy only strengthened,” Pelosi.

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