Trump team weighs role for the members of the family, in the midst of potential sources of error


The reported involvement of both the elder Trump’s sons in a charity fundraiser tied to the inauguration again questions about the legal and ethical lines that need the next government to navigate to, when it comes to Donald Trump, members of the family and what is the role of the President – elect, in the eye, for she has revived.

Eric and Donald Jr, were originally connected, at least by name, to a charitable Fund-raising drive for President and provides access to a possible hunting or fishing trip with the sons in exchange for donations. The Trump transition team quickly a statement Tuesday distancing the soon-to-be first family to say, the details were not “approved or followed” by the trump-and make it clear, Eric, and Donald Jr. would not be involved.

It was not the first and certainly not the last – time to consider that President-elect Trump, the roles that family members play in his inner circle.

While the older sons may remain with the business side, Trump has openly discussed possible political roles for the daughter of Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. This, in the midst of speculation that Ivanka may get a White house office and reports that the couple is exploring DC real estate.

Further, the trump team has proposed an anti-nepotism legislation could allow the flexibility that the presence of relatives in a Trump administration, on the traditional first lady’s office.

“The anti-nepotism law is an exception, if you want to work with, to identify, in the West Wing because the President is capable of, its own employees,” a senior Advisor Kelly Anne Conway said in a wired interview last week.


At the output of an anti-nepotism measure is adopted, in 1967, after President John F. Kennedy appointed famous his brother, Robert Kennedy, as U.S. attorney General. The Statute States a “public official”, including the President, “may not appoint, employ, promote, advance or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion and advancement in or to a civilian position in the Agency in which he serves or over which he exercises jurisdiction.”

Members of the Trump transition Teams are back claimed to be suppressed, this would say to the bar of the next President, the establishment of family to each post, the law is for the government “agencies” – the White house.

Conway, speaking on MSNBC the “Morning Joe” said “came to stop, maybe family members on the Cabinet. But the President has to choose, in its sole discretion that an employee of his taste and so, if this is true, and that legal advice keeps, opens a realm of tasks.”

Trump is not the first to argue with anti-nepotism laws – President Jimmy Carter allegedly was limited by the Statute, if he has the attitude of his son was prevented as a White House Intern. A more recent example – and one that could help the trump team, the case was in 1993, when President Bill Clinton appointed then-first lady Hillary Clinton as chair of the president’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform. A court doubts that Congress to the White house and the Executive Office of the President, such as public authorities under the Federal anti-nepotism law, and confirmed Mrs. Clinton’s appointment to the unpaid position.

But Richard painter, a former chief White House ethics lawyer in President George W. Bush, told Fox News that he believes the Statute applies to ” the West Wing.

“Hillary Clinton was the first lady during their appointment,” painter told Fox News. “They already had an office in the White house.”

Painter suggested that the trump team to pursue a potential amendment to the law, if you want to, officially, the members of the family put on the employees.

“It applies to the entire government,” painter told Fox News. “President-Elect Trump should try to negotiate an amendment to the articles of Association with the Congress, because here’s the problem: if these are family members, de facto, where he worked as a senior consultant, it would be better to allow to avoid it in formal terms, any conflict of interest Statute.”

Trump might be trying to get to legal complications, the consideration of family members, whose advice he values as an informal, unpaid adviser. However, the Painter realized that she could still make as the unofficial adviser to an issue through your investments.

“Kushner, and the kids would sell their interest in any company, the interaction with the legislation, the advice would,” painter told Fox News.

The Trump children were an important part of the campaign Teams criss-cross the country to find her father, in their roles as surrogates and advisors. This is the reason why democratic strategist Joe Trippi said it would be easy for the public to get out of a “blind eye.”

But he has plans to have concerns about their role in the Trump Empire in the midst of the apparent transfer of management of The Trump organization, the Trump children, and said the team needs to set a “bright line” between the business and the presidency.

“The children are meeting with government representatives, and then do your business two hours later … to do the appearance, both of which are a huge problem,” said Trippi, a Fox News employee and former Howard Dean campaign manager.

The former democratic Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich said the discussions raise more worries about potential conflicts of interest than on nepotism. “If you want to work for the United States of America, you need to adopt in order to be willing to put up with corporate interests, and if you can do that, I think you will be able to make this work,” said Kucinich, a Fox News contributor.

President-elect Trump certain role to play, Ivanka and Jared has indicated, without any special features. Asked by Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” whether Ivanka and her husband in Washington, the President-elect said, you should “work to find out.”

“If you look at Ivanka, take a look, she is so strong, as you know, the women-Problem-and child-care and so many things – you would be so good,” Trump told Fox News. “I would love to have Jared to help us to deal with other Nations and see if we can do peace in the Middle East and other things.”

The President-elect, said his team was with a view to their inclusion from a legal point of view now,” although the transition team has called the rumors of Ivanka take the East wing of office space in the rule of the first lady’s “false”.

“No decisions about Ivanka participation trumps have been made,” spokeswoman Hope Hicks said last week.

Painter recognized the value of Trump could bring members of the family.

“His family members have much more of an informed understanding of the policy as some of the people who said a job as a consultant,” painters of Fox News. “I think his family members are pragmatists, and he could very well profit from their ideas and advice.”

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