Trump takes the interest in the American Bali jail ordeal over medical marijuana

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US people in Bali prison for medical marijuana possession

William La Jeunesse reports on when the White house can step in after the family of Christian Beasley is concerned about their safety in Indonesia.

An American prison-torture on the holiday island of Bali has the attention of President Trump.

The American, Christian Beasley, 32, was cast in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison in August, after the harvest, with a small amount of marijuana. He escaped Dec. 11 and was on the run, in the predominantly Muslim nation for five days before they caught again. Fox News aired a report on Beasley’s not on the “Special Report” on Thursday, and it was in the White house.

Now senior administration officials say to watch Fox News, that according to the piece, Trump you, always asked to be involved with. Officials say he captivity requested additional information about the fees and conditions of the Beasley’s.

“I was encouraged the other day when the President and the new government has been very good to the Americans, the search for difficulties in the stranger, and I would love to have a situation where they would only send him home,” Beasley’s father, Hank Giesecke, told Fox News.

Beasley, members of the family most of them are worried about his health and his safety behind bars. Kerobokan is overcrowded, under-occupied and brutally violent.

“The Kerobokan prison was said for 300 inmates,” Giesecke. “It has 1,600 so you can imagine the conditions there.”

Indonesian police hold guns, while the guard back to Robert, the U.S. citizen and detainee, Christian Beasley, dressed in red.


Giesecke said his son has been in and out of therapy most of his life.

“Unfortunately, when he was four, he was kidnapped and he was gone for a year and a half,” he said. “It always has to have an effect on him.”

He claims his son was abducted in 1989 from his backyard in San Diego by a shadowy group called ” the children of the underground. Christian found himself a year and a half later in a cabin in Vermont.

The group, according to reports, claimed shelter alleged victims of child abuse in the 1980s and ’90s, they hide in safe houses scattered in the United States, the group’s founder claimed, hiding more than 1,000 children.

“Justice is not done,” Giesecke told Fox News. “What we need to do is bring him home, because he needs help and he is not to get it in prison.”

Beasley, of California, and the country man Paul Anthony Hoffman escape in case of heavy rain in Dec. 10 out of Kerobokan prison in Bali’s provincial capital, by sawing, by a blanket, and then climbing a 20-foot-high wall.

Hoffmann, 57, of New York, who has been serving a 20-month sentence for robbery in July, was captured immediately. Beasley hired a motorcycle driver, the it to Ubud, where he is hiding in a Bush in the vicinity of the museum until midnight.

He then drove in the car to Padang Bay, the ferry terminal, where he rented a motor boat to take him on the holiday island of Lombok. He was again on Saturday in an alley in the vicinity of a Lombok beach.

A motorcycle driver is over Kerobokan jail in Bali earlier this month.

(AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

“I have a license for the use of ganja (marijuana) for medical reasons, but you want to, give me four years or more in prison,” Beasley told reporters at the Badung police on Wednesday.

He said he escaped because the other prisoners tried to be beaten to extort money from him, and he feared, because he had nothing. “They threatened to pay me protection money, that was why I left,” he said.

“I need help, I really need help. … Please help me, help me, please. In my country (it) is not a crime (to use) ganja,” he shouted to journalists, while you will be taken back to the prison by the police.

Giesecke told Fox News that he found it disturbing that the police, led his son in a hood and shackles.

“I don’t understand, this business is parading people around in hoods,” he said. Why would you put a hood on someone, unless his face is all beat up? My concern is, are you just going to take him out and shoot him.”

Giesecke said his son has a medical marijuana prescription for five grams.

The police in Bali say that he was caught in a post office with a packagae with 5.7 grams. Giesecke, said seven-tenths of a gram “is like a pinch of salt.”

“Compassion says that we bring him home and give him some treatment,” he told Fox News.

Beasley of the day escaped before he was to hear the verdict in his case.

Beasley’s mother, Rosalind, 70, told Newsweek, she was in Bali for the verdict and looked her son right after he escaped.

“He ran, apparently, from the prison of my room and knocked on the door in the middle of the night. It has been raining,” she told the magazine. “I opened the door, and he said, ‘you must come with me.'”

Christian Beasley’s mugshot in Bali.

(Badung Police )

Rosalind said, said of her son, “[Christian], he was anxious, he had heard from other prisoners who may be at risk of friends or close relatives with physical damage as a means of obtaining information about the location of the escapees.”

You said that you stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do.

“He grabbed my small bag and put on my computer and said,” you want some clothes?’ I just couldn’t figure out what to do, what to take,” she told the magazine.

“I stuffed my bag of stuff in this little backpack and pulled out a rain-cover. I don’t think it could have been five minutes that we were there, in the room,” she added.

You will leave Bali and to be expected to fly to Thailand, word of her son. They then flew home to California.

The scooter Beasely used in the escaped, held a Bible, Newsweek reported. “I didn’t know he had these things,” Rosalind told the magazine. “I was not aware that he escaped with nothing, but he has a strong faith. If he did not bring the Bible or which he received, after he escaped, I know.”


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Fox News’ William La Jeunesse in Los Angeles and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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