Trump suspends program admission refugees temporarily

Trump suspends program admission refugees temporarily

President Donald Trump has Friday in the Pentagon, a decision is drawn to the influx of radical islamists to the United States. It says that the American toelatingsprogramma for refugees for 120 days will be suspended.

Earlier in the day, he was already known migrants from seven islamic countries temporarily to fend off.

From the Los Angeles Times published decree shows that the U. S Refugees Admissions Program (USRAP) is temporarily stopped. Trump wants the vluchtelingenprogramma thorough review.

In addition, in a separate paragraph that the admission of Syrian refugees is seen as harmful to the US and therefore, until further order shall be suspended. Only if Trump finds that the admission of Syrian refugees is in the interest of the USA is, after the USRAP possibly have modified, re-evaluate this decision.

The decree also provides that in 2017 the US a total of up to fifty thousand refugees to accept. Last year was the quota set at 110.000.

In the document is to read that Trump visa applications blocks for ninety days, it then goes specifically to visitors from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.

Armed forces

Trump also put his signature under a decree to the American forces to modernize. He wants to achieve that for new aircraft, ships and other equipment. James Mattis was in the Pentagon sworn in as minister of Defence.

The White House made Friday already known that Trump a presidential decree is signed which temporarily put a halt to the influx of people from a number of islamic countries. It would go to stop the influx of refugees and the suspension of visas for people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The immigratieverbod is not as strict as Trump announced in his campaign. Therein, he stated that he immigrants from all muslim countries would ban. Now imagine that Trump that the prohibition focuses on countries from which the immigrants could represent a threat.


“The decrees are within his presidential power, but from a humanitarian point of view, a very bad idea,” said Stephen Legomsky. Legomsky was under the Obama administration part of the Us immigration and is now a professor at the Washington University School of Law.

It is the expectation that human rights groups and lawyers decide to go challenge it. The ban is by them seen as directed against muslims, and that would be in conflict with the constitution of the United States.


Trump said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network know that he christians from Syria, however, wants to allow. “As a muslim, you could come in, but as a christian it was almost impossible, that was unfair because they cut everybody’s heads off, but the more of christians,” he said.

According to the research center Pew came last year 38.901 moslimvluchtelingen within the USA. The number of christian refugees lay there but something, namely 37.521.

This would Trump do in his first hundred days as president

Theresa May

Friday received Trump even the British prime minister Theresa May as the first foreign head of government in the White House. During a press conference, stressed the two leaders, the good relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. Also said Trump and May look forward to further cooperation in the future between the countries.

They also spoke about NATO, the military alliance of which Trump had previously said that it is outdated. According to May had Trump assured her for “one hundred percent” behind the organization.

Also went to Trump and May during the joint press conference on the ties with Russia. Trump said especially a good relationship with the country and could not yet say whether or not the sanctions against Russia will lift. May was have become clear: the sanctions should continue.

For Saturday a telephone appointment scheduled between Trump and the Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Mitch McConnell, chairman of the Republican majority in the Senate and Paul Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives, are opposed to the easing of the sanctions against Russia. They warn the president prior to his conversation with the Russian leader.

McConnell reiterated his position Friday in an interview with Politico. “These sanctions are imposed because of the behavior of the Russians in the east of Ukraine. We now know that they have tampered with our elections. If there is one country in the world no relief from the sanctions it deserves, then it is Russia,” he said.

Previously warned the Republican senator, John McCain, Trump all to the sanctions against Russia not to lift. McCain thinks that the American government toward Russia is an irresponsible course. He threatens through the parliament a law to assume that the sanctions were legally anchored. McCain is one of the leading buitenlandsenatoren of the Republican party.


In addition, Trump again his support known for the retirement of the United Kingdom from the European Union. “I think that the Brexit a beautiful thing is going to be,” he said. According to Trump, given the British by the retirement of their identity back.

Both leaders have declared themselves to be committed to strengthening the business ties between the United States and Great Britain. Negotiations can only begin if the British are the European Union have to leave, but Trump said “quickly” to an agreement to want to come if it’s so far.

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Earlier on Friday had Trump in a phone interview with the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. According to Trump, who is planning a wall to be built on the border with Mexico, it was a “good” and “very friendly” conversation. He expressed confidence in an outcome that is good for both countries.

Peña Nieto said Thursday a scheduled appointment with the American president in the White House. The decision of Peña Nieto followed on from the discussion about the construction of the wall. Trump had Wednesday announced that “within a few months” a beginning is made with the construction of the wall.

Wall between the U.S. and Mexico

The border between Mexico and the U.S. in Tijuana is now only a sort of fence. President Donald Trump wants to here a great wall build.

On 25 January, Trump a decree signed that the construction of the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.

The construction of a wall could be about a few months to start.

On the Mexican side of the border are lots of paintings.

Mexicans are waiting at the us border at the San Ysidro bridge in Tijuana.

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March against abortion

At the same time, with May’s visit protested in Washington, tens of thousands of people against abortion. The American vice-president Mike Pence spoke to the tens of thousands of anti-abortusactivisten. He is the top American gezagsdraaier so far that participants in the March for Life has addressed.

“Life wins again in America,” said Pence, has long been a hero of the antiabortusbeweging in America. He said by Trump to be sent to the people to thank for their voice.

In the Congress are opponents of abortion, now in the majority. Moreover, Trump a decree signed to no money from the federal government more available to organizations that abortions offer abroad. Also wants to Trump soon, an opponent of abortion, appoint in the supreme court.

March against abortion in Washington

At the same time, with May’s visit protested in Washington, tens of thousands of people against abortion.

The American vice-president Mike Pence spoke to the tens of thousands of anti-abortusactivisten.

He is the top American gezagsdraaier so far that participants in the March for Life has addressed.

“Life wins again in America,” said Pence, has long been a hero of the antiabortusbeweging in America.

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