Trump sued the house to protect the ways and means Committee, New York state officials, his tax returns

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Reaction from New York State sen. Brad Hoylman and Republican National legislators Association, member Harmeet Dhillon.

President Trump on Tuesday sued the house ways and means-to receive Committee and New York state officials for the employment of an “unconstitutional” law to move its state tax revenue, according to the Treasury Department to block the Federal government’s records from release.

The President, “in his capacity as a private citizen,” filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Committee about the possibilities, the New York State Attorney General Letitia James, and the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Michael Schmidt, for “declaratory and injunctive relief.”


The President of the suit comes after the Committee’s Chairman, Richard Neal, D-Mass., Earlier this month, sued Trump management, accused of violating the officials of the Federal act by refusal of compliance with the panel’s requests and subpoenas for documents.

Days later, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law into a law, the TRUST Act, by which the legislators on Capitol Hill Trump the state tax returns. Under the previous law, though, state tax returns were required to continue to be private with an exception for law enforcement.

“As soon as it became clear that the Treasury would not disclose, to the adopted, the President of the federal tax returns, New York, a law, to grant so that the Committee, to his condition,” the court filing read, describes the new law directs the Commissioner of the state tax returns of the Committee of the request for Trump. “Hyper-specific condition was, not coincidentally, are satisfied for the intended target of the law: President Trump.”

“New York lawmakers acknowledged that the TRUST Act’ s goal of the Committee to suspend the President’s private tax information for political gain; his purpose was their purpose,” to read the submission, calling it a “workaround”.

“The President has a right to relief. Because of the Committee jurisdiction is limited to taxes on the Federal, no legislation could possibly read the result from a request for the President ‘s state tax returns” of the submission. “The Committee’s legitimate legislature lacks the purpose for the use of the TRUST Act.”


The President, the suit also claims that the new law was “unconstitutional” and “violates the First Amendment,” to say, it was enacted, “discrimination and retaliation against President trump for his language and his policy.”

The filing also claims that the new law was part of “a larger campaign, to discover in New York and free, the President of the private financial information, in the hope to damage him politically.”

“We have filed a lawsuit, today, in our continuing efforts to end Presidential harassment” Trump counsel Jay Sekulow, said in a statement to Fox News on Tuesday. “The harassment tactics lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. The measures through the house and New York officials are nothing more than political retribution.“

The President has fought with the state of New York for months, James, before taking her post as state attorney General, warned it would use “to investigate any area of the law,” the Trump family.

“President Trump has spent his career hiding behind lawsuits, but, as New York’s chief law enforcement officer, I can assure him that no one is above the law — not even the President of the United States,” James said in a statement on Tuesday. “The TRUST will Act in, the light on the President, the Finance, and finally, the transparency of offer to millions of Americans, the longing to know the truth. We have all the confidence that this law is legal, and we will vigorously defend it in front of a court challenge.”

Jame ‘ s office is watching the investigation of the Trump organization, for allegedly underpaying undocumented immigrants, worked on a trump-owned golf club. They are also subpoenaed financial records, including loan applications and mortgage institutions, including Deutsche Bank as part of a probe of the Trump-organization-projects.

Last year, the state trump is to claim-focused probes also filed a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, he is involved in illegal activities and “to use illegal political coordination” Trump’s personal and business interests. The Foundation agreed to dissolve, and James called for Trump to pay $8.4 million in fines and restitution as part of the settlement.

Fox News’ John Roberts, Ronn Blitzer and Kathleen helped Foster to this report.

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