Trump strikes fiercely Patriotic sound on Marine ceremony: “Yes, America is back”

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Trump: America is the greatest fighting force in the world

President Trump speaks at the Naval Academy graduation.

President Trump on Friday gave promises to be a triumphant, Patriotic speech of 2018 graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, the United States, without apologising and hailing what he said was the re-emergence of American confidence, since he took office.

“Our economy is the strongest, the been ever, and our country has the respect that we have used, for a long time abroad,” he said in the introduction speech in Annapolis, Maryland. “Yes, they respect us, Yes, America is back.”

Trump spoke 1,042 newly commissioned ensigns and lieutenants. In his remarks, he pointed to spending on its efforts to improve the state and took credit for the securing of wage and salary increases for the military and more ships.

He told the graduates that a robust military, of America, you are safer, “less likely to use it if you have it,” but said that if the US must fight, then you should fight to win.

“If a fight must come, there is no other alternative,” he said. Victory, victory, beautiful words, but that’s what it’s all about.”

His remarks come a day after meeting he cancelled a planned summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in the midst of the aggressive language of this country. Minister of defense of Jim Mattis on Friday, however, indicated that the summit “if our diplomats can pull it off.”


Trump has high tensions with Iran, after the United States pulled out of the 2015-Iran nuclear deal-a deal he had again and again-blasted, like a bad offer, but to the part of the Obama administration

In his speech on Friday, Trump also targeted “attempts of the critics and cynics,” in America, he said, have shut down the USA to play

“A growing number are using their platform to denigrate America’s incredible heritage, the challenge of America’s sovereignty and weaken America’s pride,” he said.

This seemed to be a reference to some Democrats, the accused in a tweet earlier Friday Trump, “rooting against” the U.S. in negotiations with North Korea and siding with the MS-13 gang members.

Democrats are rooting obviously against us in our negotiations with North Korea. As you come to the defense of MS-13 thugs, who say they are individuals and need to be maintained, or instead of the questions at the end of their big tax cuts & raise taxes. Dems have lost the contact!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) may 25, 2018

“We will not apologize for America, we will stand up for America — no more excuses,” he said in his address to the graduates. “We will stand for our citizens, to our values and for our men and women in uniform.”

Trump ran his 2016 presidential campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again” and in his remarks suggested that he believed that his campaign slogan will be reached, citing a “great reawakening of the American spirit, and American might.”

“We have discovered once again, our dignity, our rhythm, and we are proud of again,” he said.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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