Trump stresses the importance of cooperation during visit to Israel

Trump stresses the importance of cooperation during visit to Israel

Donald Trump has on Monday during a press conference in Israel the importance of cooperation to bring peace and stability to the Middle East stressed.

The American president brings a two-day visit to the country. He was on the Ben Gurion airport will be welcomed by the Israeli president Reuven Rivlin.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the presidential couple welcome was called, spoke in turn in the hope that the visit of Trump a “historic milestone” will be seen on the path to peace in the region. The Israeli premier said that “the hand of Israel in peace is extended to all our neighbors, including the Palestinians”.

“For the first time in my life, I see a real hope for change,” added the prime minister added.

Trump brings Tuesday a visit to the Palestinian territories, and he has a meeting with the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. The three leaders meet each other not directly.


President Trump calls in Israel for cooperation in order to achieve peace


The president also said that Iran should immediately stop its financial and military aid to “terrorists and insurgents”. He also repeated that the country never nuclear weapons may possess. Trump made his comments during a meeting in Jerusalem with president Rivlin.

“It is important that the United States and Israel, with one voice declare that Iran never have a nuclear weapon may possess and that, with his deadly financing, training and equipping of terrorists and militias must stop immediately,” said Trump.

The United States brands Iran as “staatssponsor of terrorism”. According to the US Teherans support to the civil war of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the Houthi-rebels in the civil war of Yemen and the militias of the shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, destabilize the Middle East.

Wailing wall

The president also visited the wailing wall and the temple mount in the old city of Jerusalem, the disputed territory that both for jews and muslims is important. Trump is the first American president to have the wall visit.

The president is for the first time since taking office in January on an official state visit. Saturday he arrived in Saudi Arabia. He travels in the company of his wife, Melania Trump.

President Trump visits Israel

Trump is welcomed by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Rivlin called his American colleague welcome.

Trump travels in the company of his wife Melania.

The regeringsvliegtuig Air Force One arrives at Ben Gurion airport in Israel.

Monday morning got Melania and Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia on the plane to Israel.

Trump brings Tuesday a visit to the Palestinian territories, and he has a meeting with the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Also Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner in Israel.

Trump visited as the first American president to the wailing wall in the old city in Jerusalem.

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During his visit to the West Bank will probably be the construction of the controversial Israeli settlements will be discussed. In contrast to his predecessor, Barack Obama, said Trump will never speak openly against the construction by Israel on Palestinian territory.

The president has never clearly spoken about a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. He called a potential agreement called “the ultimate deal”, but it is unclear under which conditions which, according to him should be closed.

Trump said earlier that he preferred direct negotiations between the two sides, without the intervention of the USA. During his visit to Saudi Arabia repeated Trump on Sunday that peace between Israel and Palestine is possible.

Obama took during his term in a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, but months of negotiations by, among others, minister of Foreign Affairs John Kerry did not reach an agreement.


In addition, Trump’s controversial plan for the U.s. embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is very much against the wish of the Palestinian authorities.

Although Israel throughout Jerusalem as capital claims, considers Palestine to the east of the city as part of the Palestinian territories. International organizations settled for that reason, in Tel Aviv, just like the embassies of other countries.

The first trip abroad of Trump takes eight days. After Israel, he travels to Italy, where he among others, pope Francis will meet. Also attends the president Thursday at the NATO-summit in Brussels.

The journey is overshadowed by the criticism of Trump from his own party after the resignation of the head of the FBI, James Comey. It was also last week announced that Trump may be very sensitive information doorspeelde to Russia. That secret information was sourced from Israel. The country had previously know that the good relationship with the united states, therefore, was not changed.

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