Trump Space Force decree followed by frustration over the Pentagon’s rejection of the plan

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Trump’s” space force”: What does it mean?

President Trump announced a Directive to the Pentagon to a “space of power”, the sixth branch of the military. What will do with this new power?

President Donald Trump’s call this week for a separate U.S. “space force” was the culmination of months of frustration over what he felt was a lack of Pentagon-action to its original proposals on the subject, according to people familiar with the decision.

The announcement on Monday—the many, the military, the air surprised and aerospace senior executives and legislators went against well-known opposition from Pentagon leaders, the idea of the establishment of a new branch of the U.S. armed forces.

“He has not forgotten, and ultimately erupts when he feels insulted.”

– A former high-level industry and government official in the vicinity of trump management

In the week ahead, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, and the service’s senior commanders gathered for a strategy session in Dayton, Ohio, but none had a clue about Mr. Trump’s upcoming announcement on Monday, according to one of these people in the meetings.

The evolution of Mr. Trump said the idea of a space force, the people familiar with the issue, that reflects his management style. He occasionally provides seemingly ad-hoc ideas to the public, but at some point, the aides and Cabinet officials are expected to follow up with concrete implementation of the plans.

If Mr Trump feels elected officials drag their feet, he can suddenly call for action, sometimes in a dramatic and public fashion. This was the case with the space-force.

“He has not forgotten, and ultimately breaks out, if he offended,” according to a former high-level industry and government official in the vicinity of trump-management. White house officials did not respond to a request for comment.

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