Trump: ‘Sleepy Joe Biden is not’ yet ‘excuse’ for the inclusion of the 1994 crime act

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President Trump late Monday criticized the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, to topple the front-runner among the Democrats seeking, Trump in the year 2020, for its support of a controversial 1994 crime bill, which is not to say”, he apologized” for the support.

Trump tweeted that his own criminal justice reform legislation – which was defended by Biden, The First step Act “tremendous support” and “fixed” problems in the law.

Biden, in the late 1980s, was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee as a Delaware senator, said at the time his goal was to enact a law that would combat violent crime.

The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, signed by President Bill Clinton, has been taken by many analysts as the culmination of the efforts of those who, like Biden.


However, in the decades that followed, the critics blamed the law for an increase in the prison system among other developments.

A 2015 headline in the New York Times published claims in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, is that Biden’s “role in the ’90s-crime-act meeting each presidential candidacy.”

In his tweet Monday, Trump Afro-Americans claimed to be “able to vote” for Biden because of his support for the bill.


“I, on the other hand, responsible for the reform of the criminal code, which had tremendous support, [and] helped fix the bad 1994 bill,” Trump.

Trump claimed, “any connection” with the bill “will have no chance to be elected.”

He Biden on his recent nickname for the former Vice-President, labeling him “Sleepy Joe” in the tweet.

“It was a dark time in American history,” Trump. “But Sleepy Joe has apologized? No.”


In 2016, Hillary Clinton, then a presidential candidate, apologized for some of the law of “unintended” consequences, but remained in what she called the “positive aspects”, such as their efforts to prevent violence against women. Clinton, the first lady, the passage to the time of the crime bill ‘ s was.

To Outdo Biden did not immediately respond or his tweets.

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