Trump significant’ middle-class tax cuts promises ‘in Baltimore speech by GOP legislator

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The President debated the economy, tax cuts, while you are talking to Republican lawmakers.

President Trump said Republican lawmakers on Thursday, that “at some point this year,” he proclaims a “significant tax cuts for middle-income people who have to work so hard.”

“We are working on a tax cut for middle-income people, which is very, very inspiring,” the President said to House Republicans at their annual retreat in Baltimore. “It will be something that — I think it is what everyone is really looking for.”

Thursday, the visit marks Trump’s first trip to Baltimore since the city of offend in a series of July tweets, calling it “disgusting, rats and rodents infested mess.” Protesters gathered in front of the Marriott hotel on the Baltimore waterfront, a giant inflatable rat adorned with yellow hair and a red ribbon in tow. Demonstrators held up signs reading “Welcome, king rat” and “trump and the GOP are the real rats.”

A giant inflatable rat, with the presentation of President Donald Trump is Sept seen on the road in the vicinity of the US house Republican member retreat Thursday. 12, 2019, in Baltimore.
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Inside the hotel, the President of a friendly audience of lawmakers whose political futures are closely connected to how well he performs in next year’s election. They welcomed Trump with a chant of “four more years” and gave him a standing ovation as he promised to keep the respect for the right and bear arms.

President Trump on Thursday made his first visit to Baltimore since the city offend almost two months, called it “disgusting, rats and rodents infested with Chaos,” where he addressed the announced congressional Republicans, his government’s achievements and also announced plans for a “significant” tax cuts for middle income Americans.
(FOX News)

Trump also were on the democratic presidential debate, which will take place at the same time as his speech when he spoke about the unemployment rate for African-Americans, which he claimed, “the lowest ever recorded.”


“I wonder if it would be called that tonight in the debate?” Trump asked. “I don’t think so.”

During his speech, Trump said, “The agenda of the democratic party is the demolition of the American middle class.” He stressed that some of the biggest victories of his presidency, such as the increase in the military, slashing regulations, and expand a program, the veterans the ability to see private doctors outside the Veterans Affairs medical system.

President Donald Trump in Baltimore, on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, on the way to the joint fundraising Committee-Desk, and in 2019, the house Republican conference, a member of the retreat dinner.
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“We have done enormous changes in our country and we are doing said a lot of other great changes,” Trump, adding that additional time is necessary “to hang on to what they’ve done,” and that it would not be a “disaster”, if you get the chance. He also stressed that it was important to stick for the party “together.”

“You have to fight like hell,” Trump said of his legislative audience, adding that “our country will go to hell if all these people [the Democrats] will come.”

Trump obliquely addressed his previous insults against Baltimore, promises, the Republicans would “fight for the future of cities such as Baltimore, were destroyed by the decades of the failed and corrupt regime.”

Baltimore, once gold plated American port city, has an undeniable drug and violent crime challenges. The city saw over 300 murders in the year 2018 for the fourth year in a row. It also claims, with deep-rooted poverty and parts of the city are populated with vacant boarded-up houses.

In July, the President was locked in a feud with the Republic of Elijah Cummings, who represents the city’s majority-black 7. Congressional District.

According to Cummings, Border Patrol officials criticized during a House Oversight Committee hearing in July, Trump claimed that the conditions in Baltimore were “dangerous” than those on the border, and said that “no man would ever want to live there.” Democrats immediately rallied on Cummings’ side, some of them accused, trombone racist.

The GOP retreat was planned to be held in Baltimore, before Trump sat in his fight with Cummings. On Thursday, the President said crushing regulations, crippling taxes and “unrestricted migration” to undermine law enforcement and devastated America’s inner cities. “We’re going to need to get up and do something about it, because we can’t allow this to happen to our big cities,” he said.


Trump is not backed up, away from his proteges that democratic leaders are responsible for the ills of America’s largest cities. On Thursday evening the President of the San Francisco and Los Angeles, brought says: “we have to step in and do something” to the homeless crisis.

“We can’t allow this to happen, where the most important companies leaving our cities, leaving our country, when they see that,” Trump said.

He added, “you are our great American cities, and they are an embarrassment.”


The White house said that the President had to explore no plans to Baltimore on his speech.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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