Trump shakes hands with the Saudi leader, not bow to do as Obama appeared

President Trump is not interpreted in a bend on arrival in Saudi Arabia on Saturday to Gulf leaders, such as former President Barack Obama appeared to be-a movement as American weakness.

In 2009, Obama and then-Saudi leader king Abdullah at a G-20 summit in London appeared to bend.

Videos to show to bend to Obama, to the king. To be denied the White house the time, allegedly, that the President had bowed, with a source saying Obama was greater than the king, so he had to lean.

Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia marked the beginning of his nine-day overseas tour that will also take him to Israel and Europe. The international travel is the trump card-the first since he took office in January.

Trump has welcomed a Saudi airport with an elaborate ceremony, interrupted by a military flyover and a pressure of the hand of Saudi king Salman.

The First lady, Melania Trump, wore a black Trouser suit with a Golden belt and not cover their head at the time of arrival, in accordance with custom for foreign carriers to visit in Saudi-Arabia.

The 81-year-old king Salman welcomed Trump at the airport. The two leaders exchanged pleasantries, and Trump said it was “a great honour” to be there.

“Two things need to happen,” Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told Fox News on Saturday about Trump’s journey. “President Trump needs to support, the Alliance with the Sunnis, give up, and that starts with Saudi Arabia. And in the short-term, he needs to create a coalition to decimate and defeat ISIS.”

Obama critic, said the former President several times proposed in 2009, shortly after getting elected, that the United States owes the Arab world an apology.

“There have been times when America has shown arrogance … lack of respect,” Obama said in this year in France.

In the case of Trump’s Saturday arrival, Several jets flew then to expenses and leave a red, white, and blue way.

Saudi Arabia has offered the trump card of the lavish welcome of his two-day stay. Posters with images of Trump and the king dotted highways, Riad, decorated with the motto “Together we will win.”

Trump’s luxury hotel, it was lights bathed in red, white and blue, and a picture of the president’s face.

Trump and the king met briefly in the airport terminal, a coffee ceremony, before the President went to his hotel, before the day of the meet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.




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