Trump sends back American front forces to Afghanistan

Trump sends back American front forces to Afghanistan

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The US is more intensively engaged in the conflict in Afghanistan. That has the American president Donald Trump announced Tuesday. There will be American combat troops to be deployed.

According to insiders from the Pentagon and the White House is going to be of the order of four thousand soldiers, but Trump was not to specific numbers. The president will not have that sort of details involved, ” he said, but leave that to the commander and members of his cabinet.

“We will not more to build nations in our own image,” said Trump. “We are going to kill terrorists.”

The war in Afghanistan has “too much time, money and, most importantly, lives,” has cost, said the American president. The USA is since 2001 in the country. It is thus the longest-running American conflict.

Shortly after his arrival wore Trump his cabinet and the military leadership on a strategy to put together for that conflict to end. “I have Afghanistan in great detail and from every possible angle is examined,” said the president.

“Our country needs an honorable and lasting outcome of the search, that the enormous sacrifices that are made is worth,” said Trump. “The consequences of a quick retreat are both predictable and unacceptable.” According to the president, that would be in Afghanistan a power vacuum create by terrorist organizations will be used.

Critics argued after the speech of the president that he was not much concrete changes of policy aanstipte. What he said, it would be very similar to the approach of his predecessors.


Trump wants Pakistan to be put under pressure to do more in the fight against extremism. The country now offers a “safe haven” to terrorists, ” he said.

Also India was addressed: the need to “strategic partner” and grootverdiener to trade with the U.S. to do more on the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan, will Trump.

The American president no longer wants to make announcements about the start or the end of military offensives, or the numbers of troops that will be deployed, so that the enemy that information can’t use.

In addition, a government, a comprehensive “diplomatic, economic and military” approach in the fight against terrorism, says Trump.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson said after the speech of Trump: “We are ready to peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban without preconditions to support it.”


The commander of U.s. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, general John Nicholson, a few months ago said that he was “several thousand troops” are needed to the current stalemate in the fight against the Taliban to break.

The four thousand extra soldiers that Trump meets that request will likely be embedded in fronteenheden of the Afghan army. Also, they will be the strength of the Afghan air force and special forces to strengthen.

The war in Afghanistan lasts for sixteen years and is bogged down in a debilitating conflict between the internationally-supported government in Kabul, various warlords and groups such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Especially the Taliban has in the past few months a lot of ground to be recovered.


There are currently approximately 8,400 American soldiers present in the country. They are primarily involved with training, advising and assisting of Afghan forces against the Taliban fight. They also deliver anti-terrorismemissies out against Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

During the first term of Trumps predecessor Barack Obama, there were approximately 100,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan. He made their withdrawal a important part of his foreign policy.

President Trump gave to secretary of Defense James Mattis in June permission for more soldiers to Afghanistan. Mattis decided, however, to wait until Trumps strategy for the conflict became known.

Little support

The American population seems Afghanistan-tired: a poll by Politico and Morning Consult shows that only 23 percent of the respondents think that the U.S. war in the country is winning. 38 percent think that the U.S. war losses, and 39 percent have no opinion. Only a fifth thinks that the US is the number of troops in Afghanistan should expand, while 37 percent just want this number to be reduced.

Trump himself called the war in Afghanistan at the beginning of his election campaign and “mistake”, but denied later that said. He said Tuesday that he first withdrawal was, but by his military advisors persuaded to a different course to choose from.

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