Trump sees Brazil as a potential member of NATO

Donald Trump sees Brazil as a potential member of NATO. The American president told this on Tuesday at the receipt of his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro in the White House.

Trump says that the United States never had such good relations with Brazil have had as now. Bolsonaro see Brazil like a modern power to a North American example.

Bolsonaro wants to lose the Brazilian image of a poor Latin American country, and of the suspicions of the Brazilians against the United States.

The American president gave to look to a NATO membership for Brazil, or another partnership with the country, for example, the Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development (OECD).

Brazil, in 2017 signed up for an OECD membership. At this time, this organization 36 members, including Latin American countries such as Mexico and Colombia.

NATO currently has no Latin American members, but has since last year Colombia, the so-called “international partner”. The country is not obliged to participate in military actions of the partnership.

Bolsonaro is known as the “Trump of the tropics’

The president sees himself as an ally of Trump. According to observers, he has his election campaign for the presidency modelled after that of Trump in 2016. He even got the nickname ‘the Trump of the tropics’.

Brazil is on the world ranking both in terms of the surface area as the of population the fifth largest country in the world. The two leaders are expected to include energy and agricultural policy, and about the relationships with, for example, Venezuela and China.

The two leaders gave each other at the meeting in Washington the T-shirts of their national football teams. On the back of the American’s shirt is the name of Bolsonaro and the Brazilian copy is Trump.

It was Bolsonaro’s first visit to the White House since taking office as president last year. During a joint press conference made Bolsonaro known Trump to have invited for a visit to Brazil.

Bolsonaro and Trump exchange football jerseys. (Photo: AFP)

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