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On the roster: Trump, flakes house, GOP battle over ObamaCare replacement heating trump jacks GM with tweet – Ford towing capacity – Red eyes, in fact

It was probably never a good idea for house Republicans to change the use of a procedural gimmick ethics rules. It was definitely stupid to do it as your first official act in the new Congress.

Speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan said Yes, but his followers were not interested in optics, as they prepared to clamp to the independent office of Congressional ethics.

Two tweets from the President-elect, Donald Trump, however, were not enough. In a sharp curve, the the legislature your gambit went today.

Trump was understandably upset, to the ham-fisted to make movement through the new Congress, robbing the Keeper of the first order of business. It is not only a distraction from his preferred narratives, it has also focused attention on large and unresolved questions about the trump card of its own ethical Dilemma.

What was surprising, though, was that Trump his own party, the so directly and so publicly.

As the trump confirmed in his tweet, the critics of the ethics office have to make a point. Initiated by the Democrats in the Wake of the shameful scandals that helped at the end of the previous GOP house majority, the office considerable power, the anonymous Prosecutor.

It is not unreasonable for the legislature to be uncomfortable with the idea that your Reputation and career can be undone in a secret process. As we have seen, with Wisconsin nameless “John Doe” prosecutions, the opportunities for political mischief are real.

But on the office as the first order of business-and this in a way that reeks of procedural game was stupid.

Maybe Ryan Trump encouraged to start the tweets and is pleased with the result. More likely, however, Trump saw a different story, sweep away, was not helpful to him and decided that he would change the course of the storm.

That seems to be more the case, since members of the house, told Fox News that the measure was killed, even before Trump tweeted. But now, instead of in this way, on their own, members of the house appear to have done it at the request of the future President.

To make trump look good, but it leads to resentment.

Barack Obama‘s presidency is suffering because of his inability to engage with Congress directly. Dismissive and uninterested in the back-slapping, comes with the presidential elections to fight, Obama was restrained.

Trump seems to be quite the opposite direction. As he observed how the legislative sausage making, the, for the next 17 days, until he’s inaugurated, he will be tempted to engage you even more.

He could but end up with the same sense, from his party that Obama suffered from Democrats: It’s all about him.

The style should maybe role is not so great when it comes to the making of laws. But it does. It will be given a grace period for the trombone, and, perhaps even more than for most presidents, his lack of familiarity with the process.

But the long-term residents of official Washington back will eventually bite. And you have ways to thwart any President the agenda and cause Frustration and embarrassment, to see as never before.

The President you build up the loyalty in their parties through the provision of donations and victories to its members. But the first step is the deference.

So far, Congress is not counted yet, Trumping the sudden, amazing success. This changes a lot in the coming days. How he manages this relationship is the key to its success or failure.

As Donald Trump pointed out, in a couple of tweets from today, ObamaCare is everyone’s favorite federal entitlement program. Congressional Republicans put on a wide dissatisfaction with the 2010 law, how they move, quickly dismantling President Obama’s signature initiative to start.

Certainly the lifting is the fun and easy part. This means not only the enthusiasm of the Republican base, but other niceties such as a massive tax cut. The current plan in Congress calls for the eat dessert first: repeal of the law now, but work on your replacement in the next few years.

Conservatives such as Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and liberals like house Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi cry foul, albeit for different reasons. The concern, on the right-hand side is that whatever comes next, too expensive, too Intrusive and not focused on free-market solutions. On the left side, you will have to worry about tossing $20 millions of people under the law, your health insurance.

To do what the Republicans are trying now is, shifts the focus away from the question of health insurance and health care. If this is standard, how many people have coverage, any disturbance, no matter how gradual, the change in the liability. If the focus is on the cost of the care will be as it was before ObamaCare, then the GOP has a shot at the sale of the replacement plan.

One way or the other, the Republicans hardly seem to be able to have a replacement before the waiver comes through. The question that both conservatives and liberals: can to lock you to cancel effectively threaten until the replacement is placed.

President Obama heads to the hill Wednesday, as well as Vice-President Mike Pence, and she expects you to talk about ObamaCare with the members of their parties.

This is a good reflection of how dominant this fight has become probable.

“This country and this people seem made for each other, and it seems as if it is the design of Providence, that an inheritance combines and convenient for a band of brothers, each other should be shared by the strongest ties, never into a number of unsocial, jealous and alien identities.” – John Jay, Federalist No. 2

NatGeo: “‘in the Late autumn of 1680 the good people of Manhattan were overcome with terror at a sight in the sky as it welcomed the rare human eye,” tells us the story. This terrible sight was a comet so bright that it might be seen in the day time. But…the Great comet of 1680 was not a harbinger of doom, but a scientific blessing. Sir Isaac Newton observed comet, and calculations of its trajectory confirmed his universal theory of gravitation…The comet of 1680 also inspired one of Newton’s closest colleagues and friends: the mathematician William Whiston, whose complicated calculations would bring to him fame in Europe. This comet, said he had to do with the proximity to the earth thousands of years ago…in short, Whiston closed, the same comet seen by unbelievers sky observers in the 17th century. Century also continued the epic rainfall and a large flood, the cleaning, the earth of sinners in Biblical times.”

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President-elect Donald Trump‘s team says he holds his first press conference since July, on or about Jan. 11. The original date of Dec. 15, but Trump, he exclaimed, while his team formulated an approach to unravel Trump from his company. After almost half a year without a press conference, what the major problems are he will have to address?

–Conflicts of interest: Trump has a special new year’s shout out to his business partner, the billionaire from the UAE , Hussain Sajwani, with which Trump built a Golf course in Dubai and is in the process of building another. The ceremonial toast again underlines the complexity of having a developer for a President. Could threaten foreign governments, or try to bribe him by doing or deleted, does not deal with his company even if he runs it on a day-to-day basis?

–Russia: in his new year’s eve party, Trump told gathered reporters that he knew “things that other people don’t know” about Russia’s participation in the presidential elections. Trump claimed that he would make his information available to the public today or Wednesday, but if he doesn’t, this is a crucial point, especially as Republican lawmakers intend to have their committees look further into the matter. As WSJ’s Bret Stephens observed that politicization of intelligence has serious consequences. The only requirement from so far this week is one of Julian Assange, the publication of some of the stolen documents. Assange, who previously hosted a show on the Russian state television, told Sean Hannity that Russia is not the source.

–Anxious electorate: A new Gallup poll shows that less than half of Americans think Trump is capable of dealing with its obligations, a dramatic decline of President Obama or George W. Bush , when they entered office.

The Detroit News: “President-elect, Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened General Motors co. with a “big border tax’ on Chevy Cruze to be built in Mexico and imported for sale in the United States. The Republican businessman has proposed a 35-percent import tariff on Mexican-made vehicles, and often the goal of the Ford Motor co. during his hard-fought campaign against the Democrat, Hillary Clinton. He turned his focus to General Motors in a Tuesday morning tweet. ‘General Motors is sending the Mexican model of the Chevrolet Cruze to the US-car-dealers-tax free across the borders,” he wrote. ‘In the U. S. A. or pay large border tax!'”

Ford demonstrates trailer load – Reuters: “Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it will cancel a planned $ 1.6 billion plant in Mexico and has invested $ 700 million in the Michigan factory, as it expands its electric vehicle and hybrid offerings. The second-largest US car manufacturer had harsh criticism of President-elect Donald Trump for its Mexican investment plans.”

Robert Lighthizer, former Deputy U.S. trade representative under Ronald Reagan, is Trump’s pick for the US trade representative.

Marc Short, a top adviser to Vice-President Mike Pence, Director of legislative affairs for the trump White house, reports Politico.

“‘Making America Great Again” requires more than 140 characters per issue.” – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in his speech today on the floor.

Obama to give a farewell address in Chicago next week, will probably be the last trip outside of Washington as President – Fox News

Battle between Keith Ellison, Tom Perez for the DNC chairmanship – The hill

Trump’s transition team is asking Homeland Security for documents on assets in relation to the border wall, barrier-construction – Reuters

Oops: WaPo goes back a report on Russia hacking Vermont utility – WaPo

Michael Knox Beran conveys what happens in a world of alienated a constant networking – NGOs

“Your statement ‘Kelly Anne Conway…the best of trump-to-English translator in business, ” brought a giggle. Your media colleagues and the political establishment need a translator, but most of us trump voters (pride, Hillary ‘ s ‘deplorables’) to understand, Donald Trump . We have since the early days of the primaries. The voters, the elites don’t get.” – Phil Reberger, Boise, Idaho

[Ed. Note: Like any good entrepreneur, to put Trump know in plenty of exits. The politically useful thing about trump, the linguistic somersaults, that meanings change with time. We have seen the play many times. Trump says that’s a little drastic, but vague. The media freaks, the shift of the debate to Trump the issue, and sometimes its terms and conditions. Trump then clarified and re-clarified, and re-re-clarifies, until he ends with a position that he likes and is politically acceptable. Watched him a oral star throw, which then, as an absolute prohibition for Muslims in the United States in December 2015, is a perfect example. Trump was in the conversation, to detect reading from his script and then he seemed to be, he still would a little more leeway in this policy As if it had just come to him, Trump added, the sentence “…up to our representatives of the countries can figure out what the hell is going on.” It is more difficult, but. The candidates have one task: win the election. Presidents have thousands of jobs, and things can get complicated quickly. As his statements turn into policy, trump will be well served by a communications consigliere as good as Conway. She is fully aware of the limits of language, but also knows your boss ” style and strategy. The new President’s success or failure depends heavily on their ability to translate the trump card.]

“I was not a trump card followers in the beginning, but I guess that’s how he made it through the primaries. He may not be a policy wonk, but he knows how to do things and hire people who are doers, not thinkers. Hillary’s and the Democratic supporters’ self-righteousness, arrogance and self-entitlement was her downfall. Too bad they are not for the high street, you preach.” – Brian Repsher, Arlington Heights, Ill.

[Ed. Note: the small wonders of trump has a choice, the sudden embrace of federalism and the separation of powers by liberals. It is strange to see the American left fall in love with Alexander Hamilton in the last two years. The Broadway musical that bears his name, is really good, but not as good, I would not have thought to make, and the founding of the federalist attractive to populist tendency for Democrats. We may have unknowingly witnessed the acceleration of a shift in how Republicans are the party of the elites is to be a party of the masses and the Democrats. If that is the case, then the handover Hamilton was perhaps a natural development of things. Whatever the case, liberals’ new love for the restriction of the power of the government, to wear, to what Hamilton and his companions knew: the group is helpful when you are put to the cause of restraining the Leviathan.]

“Hollywood has no support for the President before the election, so why ask them to be involved. Trump ‘ s movement common people was, by the common man so I suggest, all of the performers ” – no-one with any of the big names. There are a LOT of very talented people in the USA that would jump at the chance to be a part of the activities. You have to start the whole thing with Copland’s” Fanfare for the common man.’ It would be no more fitting piece of music.” – Robert Holcomb, San Antonio

[Ed. Note: It would be a real resonance to what you propose, Mr. Holcomb. But a few things to consider: adding the responsibility of the talent scout to the already overburdened Trump’s transition team seems to celebrate a bit of self-indulgence, and initiations are moments and fit for the fanfare. Perhaps a better solution would be to simply go back to the days, when marching bands provided the entertainment, save a special version of a Patriotic anthem, the look of a great singer for the ceremony, and cut the stars. The newly created position of President must be treated with a band for the first ball, which he hosts, but the rest of the celebrations by the individual States and organizations that made them. Let 2017 be the John Philip Souza‘s revenge!]

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WUSA9: “A baggage handler was locked up with the Luggage on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to the DC area. United Airlines confirmed that the airline workers survived load the flight in the plane area on New Year’s Day. Workers discovered the employee as soon as the plane landed at Dulles. The police said, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte, the man’s name is Reginald Gaskin. The airline said United Express flight 6060 was operated by Mesa Airlines out of Charlotte Douglas airport. The airline is to examine how Gaskin was locked in the trunk.”

“I think in your case that this is largely political on the part of Obama is true. But that does not mean that the Russians should be behind him and that the United States a strong response.” – Charles Krauthammer on “special report with Bret Baier.”

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