Trump scored on his own goal

in the vicinity


Trump uses Putin to deny summit agreement with Russia

President Trump critics-slam-the much-anticipated summit in Helsinki, after he defend himself refuses to, the US intelligence community and says he sees “no reason” why Russia would interfere in the 2016 presidential elections.

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We will assume that the reason the President of the Trump was so eager to have a summit with his Russian counterpart, was that he wanted to break some of the clouds about his relationship with the strongman Vladimir Putin.

If that was the goal of the Helsinki summit, has the President in a pea-soup of fog.

With a second Supreme Court nominee greased skids riding to the Senate-confirmation that the economy is zooming, and Democrats in General in a hopeless, angry mode is, it is the summer of 2018 is shaping up rather well for the Republicans.

You are some reversals in this autumn and their two errors, the immigration and health care don ‘ T important issues to look to deal with a lot of how a party will be able to, but compared to the forecasts at the end of last year, the GOP was better than expected.

The good mood led to a deepening of satisfaction among the GOP base, the Republican President. Also a deepening of the war and the cruel and chaotic implementation of a new “zero-tolerance” policy on the southern border, do not draw much more than a murmur of complaint from party – sizes.

The Republicans were also on the rise on the President’s opponents in the judicial Department. After months of bad news for Trump, an inspector general’s report shows the degree to which the former FBI Director , James Comey‘s leadership was weak, and cowardly. It wasn’t a far jump for Trump’s defenders suggest, then, that Federal law enforcement agencies are usually biased against the President.

Even among the Republicans tend not to had to the “Deep state” conspiracy theory to admit that Trump the victory was to win the PR battle against his Department of justice. Team trump was successful in the production of Comey and Peter Strzok , the public faces of the Russian probe.

It got even better on Monday as a Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced charges against a dozen Russian intelligence officers for their roles in the mix of 2016 presidential campaign. The accusations were another blow to the claims of the President’s critics, that Trump is active in cooperation with Russian agents. Rosenstein described the Russians duping American politicos to share with you.

So looked at one way, the came out with Putin a convenient time. If Trump could prove to Putin, and perhaps even wring out some concessions from the Russian ruler, this would be the perfect moment for Trump to himself as his own man.

The President decided to go the other way.

If Trump had his critics scripted, that show hardly would have done better to him, as the junior partner in the bilateral relationship. Putin was clearly in charge from the beginning until the end with Trump America for the problems created in Russia and to denounce jump in the debt, in the same study, the only offered evidence for Putin’s misconduct in 2016.

Listen to trump’s attack, the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, which was a daily battle with Putin’s henchmen are so strange that we had to return the copy, not to read, just to be sure that our ears were playing tricks.

Blame America for the crimes of another country is never a good look for a US President in a foreign country. For Trump, accusing his critics that it is a lackey for Putin to make excuses for the regime in Moscow in the presence of the country’s rulers was an amazing mistake.

What compounds the error is that the summit was necessary. They were not talking for the contract, or to escalate, de-some of the crisis. USA-Russia relations are bad, and Russia is still a bad actor in the world, but is that true for every day Trump was in office, and is expected to leave still true to the day trump his post. For a President with Russia a problem – especially one who is in contempt of the preparation and script talking points – a summit like this is nothing to rush to.

Whatever the domestic political considerations, the trump card of the meeting with Putin, the President had in mind in setting up managed it today, undoing months of work by his administration and his supporters in front of the White house. After that display, Special Counsel Robert Müller is secure in his job, as the guy who sold aloe-vera on the nudist beach.

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“In connection with the General interests of [the national government] less suitable, to come home to, and the feelings of the people; and, in proportion, less likely to inspire an habitual sense of obligation and an active sentiment of attachment.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 17

The Paris Review: “in the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Harvard University, under a huge glass roof and in front of a neoclassical series of gray stone columns, hang a fake painting. It is a Mark Rothko—or rather, a reproduction of a Rothko. The canvas is covered, moody’s indigo and vibrant crimson. It shows a square of colors, incomplete, and imperfect. As the eye moves from left to right, there comes a time when something changes; the colors differ. … This replica is an investigative tool, will help of the art-researchers at the Harvard research center, in the Rothko to its former glory. … Brush strokes that were once crimson and violet had soiled in the course of time in dark blues, with brown and grey. … That is the value of the Harvard-pigment-library. It is a space to meet, in the science and art of each other. Each of the pigments, dyes, stones, minerals, and materials stored in these cabinets can be used to help as a reference tool, restore and protect the great works of art.”

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Trump job performance
Average level of agreement:
from 41.8 percent
The average of the rejection:
52.6 percent
Net Rating:
-10.8 Points
Change from a week ago:
0.2 points
[On average contains: Fox News: 46% approve – 51% oppose; Gallup: 41% approve – 56% disapprove; Quinnipiac University: 40% approve – 55% lean; IBD: 41% approve – 54% lean; CNBC: 41% approve – 47% disapprove.]
Control of the house
Republican Average:
40.4 Percent
Democratic Means: 48.2 Percent
Democrats plus 7.8 points
Change from a week ago:
the democratic advantage is up 0.6 points
[On average contains: Fox News: 48% Dems and 40% GOP; Quinnipiac University: 50% Dems 41% GOP; IBD: 48% Dems and 40% GOP; USA Today/Suffolk University: 45% Dems, 39% of GOP; CNN: 50% Dems 42% of GOP.]

Guardian: “In the years 2002 and 2006, midterm years under a Republican President with no leadership role, to challenge him, the democratic hope is brought to flow carrier, the Hawkeye state. In 2002, the top Democrats in the house and in the Senate, the current Vice-President, and a handful of senators and governors took the flight to Des Moines in the summer months. In 2006, John Kerry and John Edwards, the party ticket from two years ago, worked dinner and talk separately, also for the campaign for the same state Senate candidate in the gap of two weeks. Three other sitting senators showed up. Democrats, now the most wide-open presidential field expected in the modern history. But in Iowa, presidential hopefuls have been slow to show. Some bold party names have appeared, leaving the election campaign in the state, most of the backbenchers, members of Congress and other defeated candidate.”

Trump 2020 campaign raises big with the help of small donors – WashEx: “President Trump’s re-election campaign and groups backing up his agenda raised nearly $33 million in the last three months, an explosion of support driven by small donors, the groups have reported, the Federal Election Commission. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence‘s re-election campaign raised $8.3 million, and when added to the money collected, with its two affiliated groups, the sum was $17.7 million in the second quarter. The campaign has $ 33 million on hand. Moreover, its layer is accelerated to small donors. In the new report it is said that 98.5 percent of the fundraising was from small donors, although the sum was $2.3 million less than in the first quarter. And the super-PAC of the President’s agenda, the America secure as the First action, and its non-profit ner, the America First policy, raised a further $15 million.”

Three mayors set sights on the White house – Political: “No mayor has ever sprung directly from City Hall to the White house. But the historical streak is tested to be in the year 2020, with a minimum of three democratic mayor mulling presidential campaigns: Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu and South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg. You are exploiting a newly discovered opening for politicians on the municipal level is enabled by the broader economic and cultural forces, among them is the rise of the Democratic party diverse and ascendant Obama coalition. … , the opportunity for democratic mayor of the weaknesses elsewhere is a product of the party. With Democrats out of power in Washington and in many rural towns, on the main, large, heavily Democratic cities, the progressive power centers of last resort”, with an increasingly diverse media landscape, the exposure offers a previously anonymous class of politicians.”

Starbucks is worried that the founder of 2020 hopes could hurt the company – Political: “Starbucks founder Howard Schultz‘s presidential hopes are already in operation resistance of his old coffee-cohort. Wall Street analysts are cautious, and company leadership is nervous about the effect a Democratic bid from its chairman emeritus on Starbucks’ business, given its cross-party customer base. If that were not daunting enough, his retirement last month urged a boomlet of experts, it to run. And his last appearance at a private meeting of political donors, convened by Mitt Romney inspired indifference. As Schultz takes the summer to think about it for a presidential campaign, the world is to think of him a lot of disadvantage, according to interviews with a dozen former Starbucks executives, equity analysts and others with insight into the coffee-mogul, his former business, and his last moments.”


Fox News: “The California Democratic party of Germany in a stunning rebuke of U.S. sen Dianne Feinstein on Saturday in a decisive delivery of his official approval to state sen. Kevin de Leon, her long-shot Democratic Challenger. The move is the latest sign that the establishment Democrats are against something, the winning of a national uprising, coming on the heels of the last month of the shock, the 28-year-old Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over senior Rep. Joe Crowley primary in a closely watched New York. Data backup, de Leon, a majority of the party’s 360-member Board of Directors Feinstein ignored calls to stay neutral in the race. Their allies, before that, had warned that the approval would only further among Democrats share. The final vote margin was lopsided: a total of 217 delegates voted for de Leon, Los Angeles, or almost 65 percent of the delegates. Meanwhile, only 22, or 7 percent, cast a ballot for Feinstein, and 94, or almost 30 per cent voted for the no permit.”

Pelosi writes a letter asking for the delay in the leadership elections –
Politico: “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday unexpectedly called for a delay in the caucus elections on the line until after Thanksgiving. Pelosi’s desire to force a behind-the-scenes wrangling in the house Democratic Caucus this week, a delay in the elections, usually held in the first weeks after the mid-term elections. Pelosi had tried to beat them, to their own members, to the shock of the blow drives your letter, first on Friday after word circulated that several rank-and-file Democrats had been prepared to demand their own missive, delay and were quickly collect signatures in support. “I think it is important that we follow the schedule for the elections on the direction that the group put in the last cycle, so that you can wrote additional time for the freshmen to orientation,’ Pelosi to their colleagues. “My recommendation to the group by the group would be to have elections on the line to be eventually determined, after Thanksgiving, on a date.'”

Crowley does not back Pelosi for speaker – Politico: “Rep. Joe Crowley of New York — the No. 4 Democrat in the house, refused on Sunday to support Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for the speaker, should the Democrats back to the chamber from the GOP in this fall’s elections. “Well, you see, you know, I think that will be the new Congress to decide, who is said to be the next leader or speaker …, “Crowley CBS’ ” Face the Nation.’ “If we take the house back, win, and Nancy have a very strong arguments for holding on to the speakership,” he said. ‘If not, there may occur other problems in the foreground. But it is up to the next Congress, the Democratic Caucus, to decide that fate.’ Crowley was widely viewed in the party as a potential successor to the California Democrat, prior to his upset loss in the last month, the 28-year-old political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so Crowley is the first house Democrat to lose a primary this year.”

AJC: “Secretary of state Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle leveled relentless attacks against each other’s trustworthiness, while on Sunday, the last TV debate before the 24. July GOP runoff for Governor. In the Channel 2 Action News debate, Cagle, the repeated references to a secretly audio-recording of the lieutenant-governor, defended himself against Kemp popped up in the last month. Meanwhile, Kemp fought off allegations that his office abused confidential data on voters, and that he’s personally defaulting on a $500,000 loan. With the drain rapidly approaching, in order to determine the party’s nominee in the gubernatorial elections, the competition is neck-and-neck. A Atlanta Journal Constitution Channel 2 Action News poll released likely voters Friday Kemp showed by a margin of 44 percent to Cagle’s 41 percent, with almost 15 percent of the voters undecided. Kemp needle felting, Cagle about the surreptitious recording that surfaced last month. In the audio recorded by the former Republican candidate, clay Tippins, Cagle is to vote for an education bill, which he said was “bad”, in order to appease donors, and he describes the primary as a contest to see which candidate could most the crazy.'”

Conn. reg. the candidates give the big money to campaigns – AP: “Some of the candidates for Connecticut Governor are already to devote large sums of money on the race. Newly released campaign Finance documents show the former Greenwich hedge Fund manager and Republican candidate David Stemerman of the leading providers. He lent his campaign $12.8 million and raised nearly $100,000 so far from private donors. He spent about $3 million. Five Republicans and two Democrats have qualified to be on the Aug. 14 primary ballot. Three of the Republican state campaign-financing system, the boundaries are able to spend involved, as much as you. Ned Lamont, a wealthy Greenwich businessman, and Democratic party – endorsed candidate, has spent almost $1 million, mostly his own money on the race. The may increase, considering that he spent $9 million on his failed 2010 gubernatorial primary bid.”

Former Mass. Gov steps in to the Texas-house-race – Politico: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick back to the election campaign this weekend, stumping in Texas in one of the most competitive house races in the country. The former two-term Democrat, and 2020 presidential views — campaign Sunday with Democrat Colin Allred, a former NFL football player challenging GOP Rep. Pete Sessions in Texas’ 32nd district. Patrick will help launch a block walk in Richardson, Dallas-Fort Worth in the suburb area, followed by a sit-down campaign with volunteers and fellows at the campaign HQ, according to Hector Nieto, a consultant for the Allred campaign. The district is considered to be one of the party-top ways to pick off a seat currently held by a Republican — Hillary Clinton carried the district in the year 2016. Patrick said, planned it, to blunt, he can be in this summer for candidates in the elections, where helpful. But Allred is one of the first signs that Patrick’s campaign-activity could be the ramp-up.”


WSJ: “Special counsel Robert Mueller‘s latest move briefly kidnapped a closed-door meeting of state election officials and Federal cybersecurity personnel [in Philadelphia] last Friday, when the phones buzzed with news alerts about his indictment of the Russians alleged to be behind a spree of hacks before the election in 2016. The interruption, described by several people here, caught the room off guard. Some of the details in the indictment, the officials were continuing efforts to reach a compromise, both the Democratic party and state election networks, present. The additional urgency to the meeting of the mission—the protection of the nation’s voting machines in November. It also reflected how tight the secrets unearthed from Muller ‘ s the investigators, also from the officials responsible for the prevention of a repeat in 2018. Mr. Miller contributed to the indictment of 12 Russian secret agents, the tenor of the weekend meetings of the country’s state election workers. In General, technical issues, reserved for the staid administration of the sessions of this time were dominated by discussions on how to protect voting machines and databases from hackers. It was the last time, the secretaries of state and election of Directors formally meet before the voters head to the polls in November.”

Rand Paul
is worried Brett Kavanaugh‘s record on the constitutional rights to privacy – Bloomberg

Lisa page back to Capitol Hill for the second day of the hearings – ABC News

“Public hearings are a circus. That’s why I do like them. I don’t do many of them. It is a freak show.” – Rep. Trey Gowdy to discuss Peter Strzok‘s hearing on CBS News.

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UPI: “A Florida Sheriff’s office shared a video of a Deputy, spent 20 minutes driving behind a bad mid-road pedestrian — a turtle. The Marion County Sheriff ‘ s Office has a video on Facebook shows, Deputy Bryan Bowman drive at slow speed on a road in the area of the KP hole park. “The nerve of this guy,’ Bowman says in the video, ” He is literally 1 mph in a 30 mph zone.’ Bowman made a mockery of the mystery of the pedestrian zone, which he describes as ‘100,’ and says that the walker ‘snapped’ at him when he tried to confront them. The Deputy, finally, his camera turns, revealing the mid-road walker was a large turtle. ‘Deputy Bowman, then the old man for about 20 minutes followed, until he finally went into the woods,’ the sheriff’s office wrote.”

“It is pretty pathetic to hear Trump’s counsel argues that it is not a big deal, because we Americans are always interfering in other people’s elections, and they in ours. … This defence is pathetic for two reasons. First of all, you don’t have to tell the Trumpites that happened to us for six months, no collusion? And now you say for Sure that it happened. So what? Everyone is doing it. … Secondly, no, not everyone does it.” – Charles Krauthammer , writing in the Washington Post, July 13, 2017.

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