Trump says that building a wall with Mexico within a few months begins

Trump says that building a wall with Mexico within a few months begins

Donald Trump says that “within a few months” a start is made on the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico.

The plan starts “immediately”, states the president in an interview with ABC News Wednesday.

He confirms that Mexico is “one hundred percent” going to pay for it on the wall. In the first instance, will American taxpayers pay for the building, but the costs will be if the Trump is located, to be recovered from the Mexicans.

“We will at a later date be refunded. Any transaction we make with Mexico, there will be a payment is to be made, perhaps in a complicated form,” says Trump. He continues: “What I do is good for the United States but also for Mexico. We would like to be a very stable and solid Mexico”.


The negotiations between the two countries will “relatively soon” take place. On 31 January a meeting is scheduled between the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and Trump in the White House.

But Mexico let ABC News know severe to consider not to come after the announcement that the new American leader Wednesday did. Mexico has from the beginning already know not to pay for the wall.

Border between the U.S. and Mexico

The border between Mexico and the U.S. in Tijuana is now only a sort of fence. President Donald Trump wants to here a great wall build.

The construction of a wall could be about a few months to start.

On the Mexican side of the border are lots of paintings.

Mexicans are waiting at the us border at the San Ysidro bridge in Tijuana.

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White House

Trump signed Wednesday a presidential decision on the wall and the associated border security. Also they continue to roll the plans out for stricter immigration laws. That confirms the White House Wednesday.

The building of the wall is, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer “more than just an electoral promise”. “This will be the current spread of drugs, crime and illegal immigration to the united states.”

Military zones

The plans for the wall are very controversial. Human rights activists say that Trump with his initiative, the rights and freedoms of millions of threatens. “The wall is political theatre at the expense of citizens ‘rights”, said a spokesperson of a large southern group that advocates for immigrants.

“It has nothing to do with safety in the border region: figures show that these border areas is among the safest of the US. Here tens of thousands of heavily armed, poorly trained burgerpatrouillers drop will only cost lives. It changes all the cities in this area in military zones.”

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It is still not entirely clear what the cost of the wall. Trump made last year estimated that the 8 billion dollars would go. Many Democrats find it an idiotic plan, but the question is whether this makes a difference: both in Congress as the House of Representatives the Republicans of Trump a majority.

Many opponents argue that the plans of Trump go against the concept of freedom in the USA, that there is usually proud of is a “country of immigrants”. The new president, however, wants the estimated 11 million people living illegally in the country stay off.

Mexican senator: ‘Wall is act of enmity’

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