Trump says new security measures to take

Trump says new security measures to take

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The American president Donald Trump has Friday announced that he next week new measures in the area of safety. That said Trump at a joint press conference with Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe.

The announcement follows the suspension of the entry by a court of law. Also suggested Trump in his press conference there is “every confidence in having this lawsuit going to win”. Thus referred to by the president on the appeal is what the government has instituted the suspension of the re-entry ban to undo.

Furthermore, Trump again people outside the US to want to keep that evil in the sense, still have a lot of other people to let”.

Trump: ‘I’m going to assume that we have the lawsuit to win’

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Trump said in the press conference about the conversations that he conducted with the Japanese prime minister Abe. Trump called Japan “a cornerstone for peace and stability in Asia”. The president gave to the ties between the two countries continue to want to step up and be committed to the safety of Japan.

The Japanese prime minister Abe stated in the press conference that he was pressurised and japan TPP, of which both countries are a part, in a subsequent meeting with Trump will continue to discuss. Trump wants America to withdraw from the treaty.

Abe told me that he “is optimistic that a dialogue will lead to positive results.”

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Trump said that he expected that the rapprochement between China and the US goes faster than expected. Trump stated earlier that he felt that the Chinese currency is undervalued giving China an unfair competitive position vis America would have.

According to Trump, it will not be long before there is a “level playing field” is created.

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