Trump says free FBI Russia ‘dizziness’ can ‘coronation’ of the presidency

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The contract is the threat to national security?

Democrats claim that Russia probe files, the public could be a threat to national security; Fox News contributor, Andrew McCarthy, an insight into ” The story.’

President Trump told The hill on Tuesday, he would have to show the lifting of the secrecy degree of a number of important documents in connection with the FBI assigned to the investigation of the alleged Russian consultation with the members of his campaign team, that the probe was “corrupt” and a “fraud.”

“What we have done is a great service for the country, really,” Trump told the outlet, during an Oval Office interview. “In his own way, this could be the most important, because this was damaged.”

Trump said to The hills a day after he released the three ordered sets of documents, including a secret surveillance application, the former campaign adviser Carter page.

In the interview, Trump, the FBI accused with page as “a film to watch, a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

“It is a hoax,” Trump said, “beyond a witch hunt.”

The FBI released earlier 412 heavily redacted pages of the monitoring of the applications and court orders with respect to the page. Monday declassification order covers 21 pages of a 101-page June 2017 application for renewal of the warrant — filed the last of four by the Ministry of justice. Page communication were monitored for almost a year, starting in October 2016.

Other materials by the order of the internal FBI reports about agent interviews with senior Ministry of justice official Bruce ear, and text messages from senior FBI leaders, including the Bureau are triggered covered, Director, James Comey.

Trump also of The hills, he should have fired Comey, whom he considered “a bad guy”, immediately after taking office, in may of 2017.said

“I would have fired him before I came here,” Trump said in apparent jest. “I had him the day I the primaries won get fired. I should have triggered directly after the fair.”

The President claimed that his only goal in the release of the documents was “transparent” about the investigation.

“I hope that I will be able to place this as one of my crowning achievements” Trump said: “I was able to … reveal something, which is really a cancer in our country.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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