Trump, Sanders would be in the year 2020 matchup, says Obama’s campaign manager

nearvideo-Karl Rove breaks, why Bernie Sanders could win the 2020 nomination

Jim Messina, the campaign Manager for former President Barack Obama’s successful re-election campaign, predicted that sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would not lock in the President Trump economic messaging and would matchup in a loose 2020 elections.

“Bernie Sanders is unlikely to be able to stand up to the constant flood of Donald Trump on economic issues,” Messina said during the Powerhouse politics podcast this week.

Messina claimed that the swing were voters “incredibly focused on the economy”, and that the winners of the last five presidential elections, the candidates, who were able to “win” the economic argument with swing voters.

Sanders leads already stated, the pack, the Democratic candidates in polling and fundraising, but his poll ratings trail former Vice-President, Joe Biden, the Messina called for and is expected to announce its 2020 bid on Wednesday.


He is stuffed in a box already with progressive candidates, such as Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif, Cory Booker, D-N. J., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Sanders, a self-described socialist, appeared to highlight the progressive of the growing awareness in the party, when he came in second, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Multiple polls have shown that both Biden and Sanders, more support as a trump for the 2020 General election.

Messina is not specified, however, that the progressive Sanders was someone who could both grab to reach swing voters, and the energy of the base of a winning combo, he said, the former President, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter were in the situation.

“You have to excite your base and people turn, and you have to win swing voters. And we are looking for a candidate that can do both,” Messina said. “Today, you would not say in a General election context, Bernie Sanders candidate.”


The former campaign Manager of the comments just came, like Karl Rove, who served as the chief strategist behind former President George W. Bush in the 2000 elections, bid speculated that Sanders had to trump up a shot to hit on.

Messina said that Sanders could win the nomination of the Democrats and the “Donald Trump of the year 2020.” While both Trump and Sanders has been described as a populist alternative to the establishment candidates, the two would probably be a lot of debate about the economy.

This could be tough for Sanders in view of the many economic milestones record-low unemployment, strong industrial growth, and the surprisingly high gross domestic product — the Trump took credit for in the last two years.

Trump has attributed the economic success of his massive tax-reform package, the Sanders vehemently. Sanders pushed a number of progressive policies, including single-payer health care, which him and the other progressive, which, apart from their temperate counterparts.


According to Messina, which would offer the upcoming primaries, a healthy debate between these two wings within the party.

“Overall, this is poured, think of as a kind of rebel against the machine campaign — I, this is wrong. Democrats have a very healthy and very predictable struggle for the ideological center of the Democratic party,” he said.

Both Sanders and Trump is likely to face control over their personal finances trump for refusing to release his tax returns, and Sanders for the amount of money is revealed in him.

While Fox News town hall last week, Sanders parried the criticism of himself and his wife, the income which a total of more than $1 million in 2016 and 2017. Much of their income came from the success of their best-selling book, refused to something for the Sanders to apologize.

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