Trump ‘ s Mark Sanford diss draws boos at a closed door GOP meeting

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Should Trump Rep. Sanford ‘ s credited with defeat?

Rep. Mark Sanford lost his primary hours after President Trump tweeted support for his GOP challenger, Katie Arrington; reaction from Calvary founding partner, Josh Holmes, and Adrienne Elrod, former, Hillary Clinton, campaign director of strategic communications.

To discuss, President of Trump meeting with house Republicans on immigration policy briefly went awry, Tuesday, according to the President, Rep. Mark Sanford mocked on a primary-election loss.

Two sources in the conference room, told The Associated Press that Trump joked: “I congratulate Mark on a great race.”

A senior House Republican, is a trump supporters told Fox News that the President of the comment was “unnecessary” and “poor form.” Another senior GOP lawmaker called it a “low blow.”

Another GOP member of the Fox News room said “pretty quiet” after the remark, and some participants booed, in a low tone of voice.

Sanford, a former South Carolina Governor and often Trump critic, was defeated by state Rep. Katie Arrington in the 12. June primary. Hours before the polls closed, Trump endorsed Arrington on Twitter and joked that Sanford was “better in Argentina” – a reference to a sex scandal overshadowed that Sanford’s tenure as Governor.

Sanford blame his defeat on the trumpet, namely, the support for the President is a litmus test in the GOP primaries.

“It is a very tribal environment now,” he said at the time.

Politico reported that Sanford was not at the meeting because he will be able to fly to to Washington from South Carolina due to the bad weather.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram, Anne Ball, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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