Trump risked a last-minute government shutdown – but the game was already over

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To call trump, the current President, for the veto power

Generations of presidents a line wanted-item-veto for the government expenditure-invoices; Doug McKelway reports from Washington.

President Trump will seek out, perhaps never to the Florida State basketball coach Leonard Hamilton for policy advice. But, perhaps, Mr. Trump has Hamilton would have the Council, when he threatened to veto a major spending bill last week. The President’s ultimatum, risking a last-minute government shutdown.

Hamilton was emphatic in demand as a CBS reporter Dana Jacobson, why the Seminoles has to foul with just 11 seconds left while trailing Michigan by just four last week.

“You think the game came in the last seconds of the game?”, Hamilton asked rhetorically of Jacobson. “The game was over.”

College-basketball-experts can only speculate as to whether Hamilton’s strategy cost his team a trip to the Final Four. But one thing is for sure about President Trump the veto threat: the house of representatives and the Senate leadership, not the craft of a 2,232-page, $1.3 trillion spending bill to promote it, pressing legislators to vote for him, then you are on the verge of a government shut down, without the President’s direct involvement – just to Mr. Trump, the bill threatens to veto the next morning.


Trump threatens to veto spending bill on DACA, border, wall

It is a to talk little late veto on the stage.

In the words of Leonard Hamilton, “the game was over.”

The house of representatives approved the bill 256-167 last Thursday afternoon. Shortly before 1 p.m. on Friday, the Senate synchronized to the top, past the same package 65-32.

And then came the veto threat?

The veto threat came with dozens of legislators from both sides of Capitol Hill for the rays in a number of overseas pre-arranged-Congress trips. Military planes flew a large contingent of the legislator, on the morning after Rochester, NY, for the funeral of the late Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N. Y.. Only a skeleton crew remained in Washington only a few hours before a possible government shutdown, the President is not the bill signed.

The game was over.

For days, the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the plan, pitched as a way to strengthen the defense. The measure of excessive military expenditures, from $568 billion to a staggering $719 billion euros.

“That is what this appropriations bill. Ensure that (the Pentagon) uses this for the willingness. Use this for training,” Ryan told Fox News. “The military has been hollowed out fixes over the last eight years and this budget agreement that we put together.”

Democrats never agreed to be liable as a surge in defense spending, they would have been had not secured a significant increase in non-defense programs. If the President achieved a Veto of the bill, the military may never again be the large influx in cash. If you did, you can bet that the Democrats in Congress would then extract something else from the Republicans – say DACA fix for the President, Marshal of the military resources which he is loving.

Never mind that Trump signed off on the broader budget framework in February, the ride stopped for a short overnight government down, and set the table for the March legislation.

“Let’s cut straight to the point. The President will write the bill?” Budget Director Mick Mulvaney asked last Thursday, shortly before the house voted. “The answer is Yes. Why? Because it finances its priorities.”

Mulvaney conceded the bill was not “perfect.” He added that the legislation was a tightrope walk, because the White house and the Congress-Republicans with Democrats. But Mulvaney argued, applied for the measure, even with the administration more miles of border wall than the White house.

However, after all the machinations, the state for the financing of the government and craft a massive spending bill, brought to finally the bed, which threatened the government to the expenditure of the fighting for a couple of months, Mr Trump last week, to the obliteration of the fiscal truce.

If the President does not sign the bill by midnight, he was alone, pitch the government into a shutdown. It is unclear how long the shutdown could have lasted, with the legislature, distributed to the four winds and no workaround ready to go, bill.

“This is a classic trombone. He says one thing and then he does something else,” complained Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md. “The President claims that he is a great mediator. “The Art of The Deal.’ Where was he?”

The house of representatives was scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. for a brief pro forma session with no legislation business, that in the morning. Just Hammer, shuffle some paperwork, and Hammer. But Trump is a threat off sent everyone scrambling and caught staff in the White house-guard. That is, not to mention numerous members of the government, defended the spending Pact that were picking themselves off the asphalt in the vicinity of 17th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Now on their backs the words “Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority were tattooed.”


Omnibus spending bill: A score for the swamp?

If the veto-threat is real, could the house and Senate cobble together an interim spending bill, and approve it with only a handful of members is present? Would go to the house immediately, in the Pause, “subject to the call of the chair?” This could be a sign the congressional brass was really concerned about the veto threat. A recess would write time to buy, to measure a temporary financing and to determine whether or not President Trump was showboating.

The house delayed the beginning of the short session for 13 minutes, until Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, took to the dais in the middle of the behind-the-scenes chaos. But Arrington adjourned the house without fanfare.

This meant that the house and the Senate is stuck. The house was gone. The Senate was gone. The government would shutter when President Trump’s Veto of the bill.

So why the frenzy?

The right wing was to plan the burning of the President on these issues.

No Deficit Reduction. The lack of complete boundary wall-financing. Dealing with Democrats? And an amazing 2,232-page bill, introduced in the last minute that nobody had read?

This was the quintessence of the “swamp”, the President of Trump fought.

At a Thursday press conference, a fellow of the New York and the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, knew exactly how to bait the President.

“I am satisfied backed up with the money for the Gateway project,” crowed Schumer.

Schumer referred to a special grant of money hidden in the expenditure-to-start accounting, a new tunnel project under the Hudson River between New York City and New Jersey. The President threatened to veto the bill over this issue alone. Republican congressional aides explained that there was no “earmarking” of money for the Gateway in the bill. But the legislature is to provide in the legislation-money that could go to such a project as a Gateway.

“The money,” boasted Schumer on Gateway. “We feel good about the opportunity to be successful in so many ways. We have produced a damn good bill for our priorities.”

You can imagine how this speech provoked the President.

The President secured a first Deposit on the wall, but not everything. Democrats touted that as a win. Trump, who promised, “a large, beautiful wall” was able to spin the wall in financing his campaign, boastful.


Trump sign, spending, bill, Washington averts shutdown

So, Friday morning, who knew the President, he had to mount a fight. He threatened to veto the bill and blamed the Congress. It is popular to pistol-whip-Congress. This is a tactic that resonates with voters, not to Congress.

“I say to Congress, I will sign the never another law again,” said the President. “There are a lot of things, which I unfortunately am in this bill.”

Senior congressional sources tell Fox News that you half-expected theatrics from the President to the house of representatives and the Senate approved the bill, because they knew that the process was so stressful. So, although elected, at the fairs, she thought Trump had to distance itself from them by legislation – if only for the show.

The omnibus measure funding the government through September 30. But you have to wonder exactly how the next bill will be different from this plan? Would the election of the President, the risk of a shutdown just before the midterm? Trump secured a big win for the military with this legislation. Also defense not to go to the hawks for a further round of massive spending for the Pentagon. The President additional money for the border wall could back up. But this could still be an IF come at a price:-arrangement. And any bill with significant support from Democrats.

Trump announced that he would like to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule for legislation, the senators must not hurdles 60 votes to clear procedural. Only a simple majority. There are to do no appetite that in the Senate now. Plus, it is doubtful that such a scenario could be, the Republicans will benefit. GOPers only 51 seats in the Senate. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., remains due to a brain tumor. Republicans have effectively 50 seats in the Senate at the moment. It would not be much for the Democrats here, and there are important voices of the trump-administration.

So in the words of the philosopher-king, Leonard Hamilton, “the game was over” as Mr Trump gave his veto threat. It was not much, what could it do for the President, except for force a government shutdown. But there is plenty of time between now and September 30.

After all, that game is only at the beginning.



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