Trump rips Müller, denounces the critics, trying to escape its ‘cage’

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Kurtz: Trump breaks free careful helper

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz declared, as President trump is finally in control of his presidency after a series of layoffs.

The dismissal of Andrew McCabe has opened the floodgates, both for President trump, and its media and political critics.

The President is now to be denounced, to criticize Robert Mueller, and experts, and the Democrats, with a sprinkling of Republicans—are the trump for what you are than open war against the FBI and the special counsel investigation.

And a larger media debate about.whether or not Trump is now preparing for unilateral action on a number of fronts, despite the advice of top advisers, and whether to also burn Müller could

I have always countered this argument during the reporting of my book “media madness.” Trump’s closest confidant, was convinced that, if you restricted him, forced him on the all-too-disciplined, his frustration boiled over, and he would have some risky step, without that you, as the accused Barack Obama by listening to him or escalating his attacks on the press.

They coined a term for this behavior: Defiance disorder.

The President now seems to be in full spite mode, as he gets rid of the aides that he no longer trusts, and relies more and more on his own instincts.

He has, after all, dumped Rex Tillerson, has announced a meeting with Kim Jong-un, imposed tariffs, which prompted Gary Cohn’s resignation, celebrated McCabe’ s burn and began attacking Muller with the name.

The McCabe situation was a Rorschach test for the press. The tone of the reporting, which was boosted by Trump spiking the football—is that his dismissal of Jeff Sessions, hours before his retirement, was a petty and politically motivated act.

What has received less attention, except from conservatives, is that the career prosecutors at justice, the office of Professional responsibility, said McCabe should go for leaking the Wall Street Journal (questionable) and not open to what it takes with the investigators (cardinal).

White-House-lawyer Ty Cobb is Trump has no plans to fire Mueller. But Trump are the latest tweets about the “witch hunt”, fueling the speculation: “The Müller-probe should never have been started, in that there is no collusion and it was not a crime. It was paid on a fraudulent activities and Fake Dossiers of the Crooked Hillary and the DNC.”

For a year now, Trump’s lawyers have warned him to cooperate with the Russian probe and avoid attack on Müller. But he is now breaking out of the box, and it is probably no coincidence that another of his lawyers, John Dowd, told the Daily Beast over the weekend, the Mueller investigation should be shut down.

Maggie Haberman, New York Times reporter who pulled him in Manhattan for years, and in turn, praise and criticism of trump, wrote that Trump ‘reflects s new attack on Müller”, a President who ultimately trust only his own instincts, and now he’s settled down, has to believe in the work enough to rely on them, rather than the people who advise him.

To say “a dozen people close to Mr. Trump or the White house, including the current and former employees and longtime friends described him as being newly encouraged, what he really feels, and ignore the warnings of those around him.”

Given that Trump always trusted his instincts, because he won a campaign that almost everyone thought he would lose, that sounds like what is happening now.

The times added that “in his first year in the White house, according to his friends, he found himself feeling hesitant and fearful, intimidated by the role of the President, a fact he admitted to never open, but you could feel people close to the President said.

“Some of Mr. Trump’s allies have said that Mr Trump was caught in a West-Wing-cage built by Mr. Kelly, and has come off, finally.”

That was the word—”cage”— that some of his familiar in the Reince Priebus days, in General, if the President had bowed to the bars and escape.

The let-Trumpf-Trumpf-bearing know that the President strengthens his bond to the base, if he has the free roaming and raging his critics. The question now is whether this holds him in a different kind of cage, not able to break with voters remain skeptical of his unorthodox approach to the office.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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