Trump proposes sanctions against Iran’s national bank, according to Saudi-attack, says Tehran is ‘broke’

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President Trump announced on Friday that the US slapping sanctions against Iran’s national bank, collapsed after the administration blames Tehran for a last attack on Saudi oil facilities-with trump the regime “declare.”

“This is the highest imposed ever sanctions on a country. We have never done it to this level,” he told reporters in the Oval Office.


Trump on Wednesday had tweeted that he increase ordered by Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to “significant sanctions” on Iran. On Friday, Mnuchin Stand by the President, and said that the sanctions mean that the US cut now to you from all sources of financing in Iran.

“This means that no more funds in the [Islamic revolutionary guards] or Fund the terrorist, and this is at the very top of our “oil sanctions and our financial institution sanctions,” he said, calling the move “very large.”

“Right at the top,” Trump added, before he said that Tehran broke now “” in the Wake of the US-maximum print campaign.

“It is hell, bad, you are practically broke, you’re broke,” he said.


The sanctions are designed to the latest in a growing sanctions on the country to tighten the screws and stop Tehran’s sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

“All you have to do to stop the terror. You have…the number one country in the world, the terror between sponsoring terrorism and do it yourself, and we can’t have it,” he said in the Oval Office.

The Trump administration pulled the United States out of the 2015-Iran nuclear deal last year, and was again waves of sanctions imposed since then. The latest sanctions come after the last weekend, the bomb attack on the Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities to attack, the Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo described as “an act of war.”


To bubble the tensions likely to be next week at the U. N. General Assembly, both U.S. and Iranian leaders, including trump, will be present. Trump said he should prefer to restrained to the question of military action against Iran and would it be that the Land reform and subsequently successful on his own.

But he added: “Iran knows, if you behave badly, you are on borrowed time.”

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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